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Photographic Burdens.

Moving Day is in five days. I was packing up the closet when I came across the photos of my ex-wedding. My mom had thought I would want them, so she gave them to me, and I promptly stashed them away. 401 more words


You Will Never Be Good Enough in Your Ex-Husband, or Ex-Wife's Eyes...Move On.

You will never be good enough in your ex-husband, or ex-wife’s eyes. It doesn’t matter if you were the one to leave, or they were the one that ended the relationship. 339 more words


Pain came so easily from his hands,

Damaging whatever would yield,

His touch resentful of matter or tissues existing in a state more temperate than his own. 128 more words


What's In A Name?

When preparing my Decree of Dissolution I was filling in all of the blanks, names, kids, dates, etc.  When I came to the line that said “The Petitioner requests a name change to ____, I wasn’t sure what to do.   326 more words

Family Law

Hell Actually Froze Over

Saturday Night – I was getting ready to go out, planning to go to a place a bit out of the way.  I was not really feeling great plus it was pretty cold outside so I changed my mind as I often do and decided to stay within the confined lines of my neighbourhood.   476 more words

Personal Story

In Mourning

Feeling rather like this bud waiting to crack open, this new adventure feels more like it’s keeping me closed up than bursting with joy. I’ve been wrestling with why this would be so and I’m not sure I’ve gotten to the heart of it yet. 465 more words