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Bad Boyfriend Poker: Baby Mommas, Baseball and Body Parts?

This week on Bad Boyfriend Poker we had KMLE callers tell Steve and Nina just how terrible their ex’s were. Mary and Carrie battle it out in hopes of a royal flush. 152 more words


The Ex

It’s been 5 weeks since he has seen his girls.  He doesn’t call. My teen takes it in stride, my eight year old struggles with his absence.  218 more words


Couldn't My Subconscious Have Better Taste in Selecting Hair Coloring?

Why would I dye my hair that putrid shade of brown? That’s what I want to know. Is my subconscious so unimaginative that I would dream up that flat, dull, stupid shade of brown to cover my grey locks? 764 more words


confessional Correspondence.

Dear Ex-Husband,

I slept with the neighbor while you were playing grab ass with that bitch secretary of yours, Shannon.

Dear Ex-Wife,

I slept with him, too. 9 more words



Everyone has secrets. They may be tiny or huge but they are there. My daughter and I have secrets. Some are cute ones I’m not allowed to tell 😍, some are ones that happen that we just don’t talk about. 370 more words

The courts cannot take my voice away

When does the desire to win at all costs go away for someone who is used to getting his way?

I love this little blog of mine. 430 more words


Eye roll, hump day and other shenanigans

Hell froze over this morning when my phone rang and Fuck Face was calling. Seriously, that’s his name in my phone.

I swear, the minute I begin to forget his existence, he somehow manages to make himself known again. 292 more words