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The Professor of Engineering Design

Everybody knows that creationists rely on the God of the gaps, about which Wikipedia says: “God of the gaps is a type of theological perspective in which gaps in scientific knowledge are taken to be evidence or proof of God’s existence.” 1,149 more words


Devolution of Man

The theory of evolution is simple. It all begins with a selective pressure acting on a population e.g. a predator. Individuals in the population which possess characteristics, such as large ears which enable them to hear better, or eyes on the side of their head to see an approaching threat, give those individuals an advantage and an increased likelihood of survival. 734 more words


Discovery Institute: The Miracle of Phototropism

We have often noted that the Discovery Institute’s “theory” of intelligent design rests on two pillars. One is William Paley’s watchmaker analogy. That’s their “design inference,” which they have elaborated with undefinable terms such as “specified complexity.” Like Paley, they know design when they see it. 697 more words


Citrine Quartz

Rusty Nail babies! (‪#‎Tangerine‬#Quartz) helps to enhance one’s strength to continue to things they want and need. This crystal also increases‪#‎evolution‬ of the Self.

Healing Crystals

Art and Creativity, per Otto Rank

The most creative artists, such as Rembrandt, Michelangelo and Leonardo, know how to separate even from their own greatest public successes, from earlier artistic incarnations of themselves. 130 more words

Striving Perfection

My professor was explaining me today of how abstract artists find their artistic style. It’s a learn then unlearn procedure. We initially learn all the basic elements of art for example proportion, perspective, balance, composition, colour schemes. 499 more words