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Some of the Tomes

1 tenth of one percent, but they were seminal!


Externalizers: Game Players. Character Development idea

Common Characteristics of All Game Players: Egocentric

The answer is always outside of themselves no matter how many professions they make to the contrary. 967 more words

A Brief Summary of Common Ignorance

When speaking upon facts and scientific theories, when someone makes the boldly ignorant remark: “How do you know YOUR science isn’t wrong!” you can quickly and accurately assume that this person has no background, and has done no studying into the subject you are attempting to discuss with them. 140 more words


March 8, 2015 - Lent 3B

It’s been another one of those busy weeks in ministry.

But I love it when its busy. I love the pressure of deadlines, of cramming one more thing into a busy day.  686 more words


Evolution and the Fossil Record

Why do we believe in evolution when there is such little evidence to support it? I suppose that most people couldn’t provide specific scientific answer as to why they do, only that its what they’ve been taught by text books and college professors. 554 more words


The unbreakable chain

People often wonder where the transition from other primates into human happened, well according to the evidence it happened over 3.5 million years. There are 9 major ancestral humans that we have discovered so far with a new one discovered and published in three separate journals… 103 more words