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An Unintentional Essay on Knowledge and Knowing

     Why is the human craving for knowledge so insatiable? Is it because we really desire to know things for our own personal interest and intellectual fulfillment? 872 more words


Hold Facebook Users Accountable For Their Posts In Real Life

Hello Friends,

A long time ago, I meddled in the Facebook life. Nowadays it’s been so long since I’ve even touched that website. Occasionally I’ll still hear from others, i.e., a random person on the street, about how I am being defamed on facebook.com by haters who are obviously discriminating against me due to either my sexuality or else my Asperger’s Syndrome. 653 more words


Who's Against Environmentalism?

Who’s Against Environmentalism?

 Compiled and Edited by Peter. C. Coker


Within the Judeo-Christian worldview exists God’s decree for the proper management of His creation as a part of man’s dominion… 2,347 more words


Why Does Your Cat Have Strange Eyes? Have you ever looked deep...

Why Does Your Cat Have Strange Eyes?

Have you ever looked deep into the eyes of a cat? Why are their eyes so weird?

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Not a blog about denture cream for the universe. Also not not a blog about denture cream for the universe.

To prove I’m not an attention whore, I’ve been going on a lot of TV and radio talk shows lately raising awareness for my new social media platform, Scrapbook. 622 more words

Six and a Half: Tommi Mäkinen Edition Evolution VI

Once upon a time, top-level racing was done with cars that were very close to what you would see on the road. The National Association of Stock Car Auto Racing (you know, NASCAR) used to actually race cars that were pretty close to being… 540 more words