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Evolution of Happiness

Okay, because I am a dork I am going write another maybe-mind-numbing post.  Readers beware.

Also, a big thank you to everyone who has been so supportive; it is beyond appreciated. 952 more words


Aliens Will Look Like Humans

In his new book “The Runes of Evolution,” Professor Conway Morris makes the argument for human-like aliens. According to the professor, there is little chance that the aliens we find in the Earth-like planets astronomers are looking at will be the green men we often see in Hollywood movies. 156 more words

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Why do men exist?

We know from nature that almost everything exists for a reason–else that thing is being evolved out of existence. So far, men haven’t been. Yet, as big a headaches as we can be sometimes, what’s our… 36 more words

Reading Recommendation

The Evolution of Communist Symbolism

Above are three examples of the way in which communist imagery is used today, showing how some traditional symbols – the hammer and sickle, for instance – has been adapted to represent¬†further ideas (as in the Communist Party of Britain’s emblem, in which the dove symbolise¬†peace), or perhaps simply for artistic individuality (as would appear to be the case in the Communist Party USA’s logo). 915 more words


Inbreeding depression in man

by Greg Mayer

In a paper soon to appear in Nature, Peter K. Joshi and a cast of thousands show that inbreeding can make you shorter, ‘dumber’, and less likely to succeed in school, but not a blowhard. 1,101 more words


Republican Presidential Candidates & Creationism

This is a subject about which we need to keep updated, but it’s difficult to find all the information in one convenient place — although… 193 more words



Bryophytes, or mosses, have no vascular systems to effectively lift water like most plants. More crucially however, they require being covered in a thin film of water in order to reproduce, which they do with cells remarkably similar to sperm swimming through that water and into the archegonia of female mosses. 288 more words