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MPP Nicholls mocked by Liberals for not believing in evolution

As a retired science teacher who for 32 years taught evolution at Leamington District Secondary School, Bill Chaplin said he was stunned to learn that his local MPP doesn’t believe it. 697 more words



I believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God, that He historically lived, died, and rose from the dead. I believe that he was the firstfruits of a great harvest of God that will include me personally at the end of time. 391 more words


Youth in Cranford

Elizabeth Gaskell could be making an argument for youth in “Our Society at Cranford.”  She describes Jessie Brown, the youngest daughter of Captain Brown, as having a face everyone liked and “twenty shades prettier” with a slightly more expensive wardrobe than her older sister (1436).   88 more words

The Beagle

This paintings incorporates some of my fascination with natural selection, and specifically the simultaneous discovery of it by Wallace and Darwin.  I kind of wish I lived in a time period where you could still make a living as a naturalist- traveling, cataloging, and sending specimens to natural history museums.   117 more words

Make Likes

Welcome To Evolved Ape Man

Evolved Ape Man
Australopithecus Sediba

Don’t get the wrong impression by the blog’s title…

It’s not about evolution.

Nor is it scientific for the most part. 234 more words


The Wise Trilobite

1. What does it mean to be fully evolved? Did evolution change us for the better, of for the worse?

2. “The native of an alien land/You call a man and brother,/And greet with pistol in one hand/And hymn-book in the other!” 242 more words

Mis-Remembering, Super Cycling and The Contradictions of Modern Man.

In a world of shifting shadows, ‘evolving’ values and Hi-definition be-headings, it is a wonder that people can get up each day and make sense of their lives. 999 more words