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Barter Your Butterfly

“…there is only¬†one¬†solitude, and it is vast, heavy, difficult to bear, and almost everyone has hours when he would gladly exchange it for any kind of sociability, however trivial or cheap, for the tiniest outward agreement with the first person who comes along…” – Rainer Maria Rilke, Letters to a Young Poet, #6…

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Feminism Cannot Survive

By Westman Thalergard

Is feminism a valid ideology? There is much about feminism that will be admired by some and rejected by others. Feminism has succeeded in the sense that it has raised questions that nearly all members of society must confront in one way or another. 898 more words


A Bit About Aquiline Faces

A Bit About Aquiline Faces
It is cruel not to know, when the knowledge that one needs is available, and has been since ancient Egypt, and I don’t know but what-maybe before. 81 more words

Aquiline Faces

The Light Theory: Science & Divinity. A Thesis by Sabian Ryan

Time, to the Human eye it’s a never-ending circle.
The concept of light ties very closely to time and its relevancy to our perspective of time. 1,435 more words


May's Garden

May’s my favorite month in the garden. Our small city lot is a challenging place to grow anything. From too much sun to deep shade and territorial squirrels roaming the beds like hoodlums, there have been many black thumb seasons. 313 more words



You think you know this flower, but do you really know me? Tell me do you know that:
while you’re sleeping, I stay up and pray for you, I pray harder for you than myself. 71 more words


Casey: Intelligent Design Is Not Faith-Based

The Discoveroids are in denial-mode again. Casey Luskin, our favorite creationist, wrote this for the Discovery Institute’s creationist blog: Answering a Common Complaint: Does Intelligent Design Require Faith? 935 more words