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Hug Me!

I recently met with a person whom I love very much. We hugged and I held her close and tight, it wasn’t a compulsory hug, but rather a real one. 117 more words

Giving Up, but Not Losing!

“They dedicate their lives

To running all of his

He tries to please them all

This bitter man he is

Throughout his life the same… 224 more words

Entry #21: It's F.U.R. time!

I’m proud to announce that the Feline Uprise Revolt (F.U.R.) network server has been successfully constructed. It is located in the attic above my humans’ dwelling where I currently sit. 326 more words


The idea that Christians don't trust science is more myth than fact

That creation vs. evolution debate isn’t much of a debate anymore.

Recent research by a Rice University sociologist shows that two-thirds of evangelical Christians believe that religion and science are not in conflict — turning an old stereotype on its head, a… 232 more words

Science And Nature

Rise of the Machines

Let’s realign our perceptions to fit with the way other people see us. Because that is going to be a much more accurate representation of who we really are. 700 more words


The Purpose of Existence !

Yes, sometimes I do sound like a mad saint. Worry not… I am not one of those guys. Recently I have gone through a lot of changes… mostly like a software upgrade. 667 more words