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Reptilobirds revisited: An evolutionary connection

Judging from the number of comments, the “Reptilobird” post is by far the most popular one on this blog. And no wonder. It is a simple, fun activity that combines the stages of meiosis with patterns of inheritance. 820 more words


We Are All Still Animists

have to be taught to attribute people’s behavior to the mental states they’re in. Children tend, quite naturally, to anthropomorphize whatever moves. What they have to learn is which things don’t have minds, not which things do.” 214 more words

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Are we still evolving?

There is always lots of discussion in the press as to whether we are evolving or not. There is discussion in the press about whether new foods or new technology is forcing us to evolve. 147 more words


550 Million Years of Evolution In One Minute

550 Million Years of Evolution in one minute

Dutch graphic designer Jurian Möller created this animation to illustrate 550 million years of evolution, complete with dates and species. 96 more words