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Fox in the Hen House

Fox in the hen house; 50 dead.

Fox in the hen house; 2.1 million dead.

It is a big hen house and there are allot of hens. 567 more words

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“The Big gene” that paved way for human intelligence

Imagine you inject a single gene found exclusively in the humans into the brains of the mouse embryos. The outer layer called the cortex starts growing in an otherwise smooth mouse brain and develops folds similar to the ones found in a human brain. 255 more words


Could video game characters develop consciousness?

Below you will see a video demonstrating the incredible attention to detail Rockstar ensure their games receive. Watching it, a fascinating question regarding future video games springs to mind. 141 more words

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One life, self expressed.

I am Alive; whole or as expressed.

My evolution takes me places.

Each new branch of life is similar to being a new. 888 more words

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Get on the Evolutionary Track to Freedom

I’ve noticed that there are 2 tracks that are manifesting on this planet:   the track of the finite where death, dying, stress, disease, addictions and confusion are experienced here; and the track of the infinite where love, beauty, truth and prosperity exists. 344 more words


Evolutionary Transitions: how do Levels of Complexity Emerge?

It is a common observation that complex systems have a nested or hierarchical structure: they consist of subsystems, which themselves consist of subsystems, and so on, until the simplest components we know,  elementary particles. 123 more words


When the skewed becomes straight, then the straight will certainly feel askew

I came to work today, went into my office and someone had taken away my supports for my computer screens. I have two screens, two places to view data and two places to see my work. 1,107 more words

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