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In Pools of Black, I Sleep

Within the depths of darkest sleep

Lie oceans black, my soul they seek.

Submerge and quench, but not for me,

I am but sustenance, you see. 45 more words


Moderately Bad Things, Part 2

So, to return to my post as if I hadn’t left a fat juicy week in between: what, exactly, do I qualify as a Moderately Bad Thing? 538 more words


wicked Watches: Deliver Us From Evil

Welcome to Wicked Watches! In this segment, your beloved team here at Something Wicked will pick a movie or TV series every week to review. 137 more words



When one shifts focus and trust, it leads to conflicts. Be careful of shifting your gaze from truth due to temporary events.

It doesn’t matter when or where…do not forget that those with us are greater than those against us. 379 more words

People Often Forget That Kindness is Free.

Don’t be that person. There is so much going on in the world, so much that is full of pointless hatred and evil. We see it in the news everyday and for most of us, most of it doesn’t even directly affect us. 426 more words

Lies, Lies and More Lies!

Throughout the years, I have come to understand one thing in particular, and that is anything dealing with wealth and political power is going to be based on, and continue to exist as, a manipulation/bald-faced lie. 986 more words