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On Our Reactions to Communists & Nazis

It is a curious thing. If you were to say at, for example, a party that you shared a house with a Communist, your friends would smile and nod, but if you said you shared your house with a Nazi, your friends would look at you with horror and commiserate with your living nightmare. 287 more words

Artic Death Camps

Who's Problem Is The Problem of Evil?

Evil and the Existence of God

If you are a Christian and have ever had a conversation with a non-believer about your faith, chances are you have been hit with the most common objection to belief in God – the problem of evil. 1,579 more words

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Black Metal Corpse Paint Time-lapse makeup photoshoot with Artist + Photographer Bryan Barnes.

Art Director + Artist + Fashion Photographer Bryan Barnes showcases his work in major fine art galleries in LA/SF/NYC and designed for major Hollywood movie blockbuster films. 54 more words

Who Judges You?

Most of the time people like to evaluate others or themselves on the basis of their moral standards. However, the shortcoming of this approach is we are the one’s being judge and jury of ourselves. 672 more words

Ice and Firepower.

The Dark God rose behind her, quietly building the fury it would unleash. Before the next pulse could pump through her heart she turned and rammed the Sword of Fire into the centre of his chest, thrusting it home with all the power of the Elementals. 916 more words

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You Heard it Hear First!

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L. A. Marzulli

Researchers believe a biological revolution enabling humans to experience everlasting youthfulness is coming


I’ve been beating this drum for years now and have stated on this blog and in my books that one of the signs which hails back to the Days of Noah is the elongation of life.   780 more words

L. A. Marzulli

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