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Cruel Heartless Bitch Drowns Puppy in Airport Toilet Bowl

What a selfish, degenerate monster! I’m publishing this post to warn everyone: Never let this vile excrement close to an animal if you see her. 162 more words

Go, Now

Go, now
Go forth towards what you want
Get settled in to this new life

Forget the troubles that troubled you
And the worries that etched these fine lines into your face… 79 more words


"Feminists lie about rape because it's a badge of honor," and other insights from the upside-down world of Men's Rights Redditors

You know how, in The Poseidon Adventure, the giant cruise ship gets flipped over by a huge wave and the passengers have to make their way through the upside-down ship to the bottom of the hull, which is now the top, in order to survive? 61 more words