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Misnomers in Medicine: A Closer Look at Fee-for-Service | Robert Nelson, MD | LinkedIn

Part of the explanation as to why FFS is bad, and why VBP is good, is somewhat valid, but it doesn’t tell the whole story.  The narrative goes like this.  155 more words

Economic Issues

Whoops! Evidence based folly!

The recent condemnation of the medical literature by the Editor-in-Chief of the prestigious Lancet medical journal was stated earlier by the Editor of The New England Journal of Medicine. 494 more words


Precision Medicine and Personalized Medicine

Precision medicine is an approach to discovering and developing medicines and vaccines that deliver superior outcomes for patients, by integrating clinical and molecular information to understand the biological basis of disease. 603 more words

Vol. 125 May 15, 2015 E-cigarettes and Adolescents

E = M J

Seventeen per cent of high school seniors used E-cigarettes in 2014.  E-cigarette use in non–smoking adolescents increased from 79,000 in 2011 to 263,000 in 2013. 708 more words

Current Events

A(nother case) for Coleus fornicans

Amidst the mammoth ding-dong going on over at The Telegraph, under an article entitled ‘Homeopathy on the NHS to be reviewed‘, a recent… 754 more words


Critically evaluating scientific papers

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In this paper in the British Medical Journal, Trisha Greenhalgh talks us through some useful steps in evaluating a scientific paper. 31 more words