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Losing Teeth | Elizabeth Tobin

Swimming in between stubborn kindergarten gums,
my mouth is full of blood.
We pull up to that blue house
while the kitchen curtain is on fire. 115 more words


been thinking about empathy

Reading a Ludlum novel and pondering a metaphor…


Tom Odell - Anymore for Anymore

I know this song for a while but I thought why not share this song with you?

I think it’s a lovely piano song performed by Tom Odell covering the song ‘Anymore for Anymore’ by Ronnie Lane. 8 more words


FRIDAY JULY 3, 2015: Something scary?

Dreams End ~ I shall always choose the route of villainy…

It is far too dark.

You are far too dark.

You are falling beneath the normalcy and I cannot save you. 124 more words



And when I looked back at my life,
When I looked back at it all,
I clearly saw how bad times really meant everything.
And how every moment lead me to happiness revolved around  40 more words