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Slice of Life

I miss you, WordPress! I know I say it each time I’m away for a time but it’s true! I haven’t been writing at all. At all. 83 more words

Everything Under The Sun

Those supporting Amos Yee have got it so wrong

I’m not writing this because I’m a fan of the late Mr. Lee Kuan Yew. In fact, despite his achievements, I’m not a fan because I think some of views and his policies are deeply misguided and just plain wrong (for example, his… 944 more words

Everything Under The Sun

My Hobby of Collecting (Entry 16 of Autobiography)

Why do people collect things?  When do you start? What keeps you going?

My first collection was miniature cars. I started this in 1991 with my best friend in high school.  517 more words

Book Of Sorts...An Ongoing Autobiography

Cleaning Out the Compost, we found...

Someone had been throwing household waste on top of the school compost bin, without burying it. You can guess how many mice were living underneath the bin when we moved it to consolidate bins….

Everything Under The Sun