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Steam rolls out paid modding sales and gets hammered

Steam tried to roll out a service that would allow mod writers to write mods for games and then charge for the mods on Steam. I hear Steam was going to be taking a big fee for the Mods for sale service. 186 more words

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Check Out This Fisherman Pull A Giant Fish Out Of The Water With His Bare Hands

If anybody is going to pull a gigantic fish out of the water, it’s going be the guy wearing all denim and and a John Deere hat. 202 more words

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You dirty rat!

This post contains strong language and images that might be too intense for some readers!

While he was living, one of my father’s favorite stories was about the time he was crawling under our old tool shed in search of a possum that he thought was living under there. 1,028 more words


Mud Season Mudslides

The ski resort is closed, things are melting, afternoon rainstorms are replacing snow, and there are approximately 5 cars in the grocery store parking lot at any given time. 195 more words

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Hello, my wordpress has been pretty dead (other than the drama that’s going on). I’m going to talk about poly life okay!! (Typed this on like around 28/4 and was contemplating whether to post or not… But my wordpress a bit dead so why not right…) 440 more words


21DSD Round 2: May the 4th be with you!

So we begin again!

I’m so very excited to have my 21 days again. My “down” week was fine. I didn’t stray too far off the Yes/No lists. 428 more words

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“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak” – Rachael Zoe