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April Action Rider of the Month - Ava Lee

Ava Lee is six years old and is riding her mini mare, Dream, who is fourteen. They are such an adorable pair – we found them irresistible. 147 more words

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Propaganda Poster

This is my propaganda poster, I like how it turned out but I didn’t do as much as I wanted due to time constraints (becoming a common theme, huh). 101 more words

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It's April already?!

The April Challenge.

I do this every time I attempt a blog, post a few times a week and then slowly it fizzles down to once a fortnight so this time I am determined to stop it before it’s too late. 58 more words

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The interesting contradiction about migraines:

They go away with sleep.

Sometimes, you find yourself watching dog videos at 2 a.m. because your head hurts too much to fall asleep.

That is all.

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Sad week for B-Movie fans

Just saw that we lost Robert Z’Dar, he of the massive jaw, Monday night.  He’s probably best known for his turns as the titular… 221 more words