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Dancing with the Stars, returns! And so does my over-dramatic Review!

Dancing with the Stars is back on MTV and I enjoyed last night’s first episode of the first season. Absolutely love MTV’s production quality and creativity. 582 more words


Neil Blomkamp On 'Elysium': 'I F*cked It Up'

I love District 9 and I have a rock hard throbbing boner for Chappie, but even for apologists (like me), Elysium was at least a bit of a misfire. 217 more words

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Kristen Stewart Says She's 'Really F*cking Proud' Of 'Twilight'

Kristen Stewart certainly made some good money on Twilight, but I’m not sure how great it was for her career. She was consistently booking roles as a supporting actress before that, utilizing her effective, if one-note, broody wounded dove act. 644 more words

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My Mom Gave Me 11 Perfect Reasons Why She Won't See 'Fifty Shades Of Grey'

I’d do almost anything for Vince and my FilmDrunk friends. So when Fifty Shades came out, I thought: “This would be a nice movie to go see with my mom.” A mother-daughter movie review? 328 more words

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Watch This Australian TV Anchor Brilliantly Slam 'Fifty Shades Of Grey'

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Whatever you think of morning shows (hopefully meh things), they’re not exactly known for their rich film criticism. But recently, Lisa Wilkinson, a typically cheery anchor on Australia’s typically cheery Today show, went out and saw… 313 more words


'Act Of Killing' Director Josh Oppenheimer Names 8 Landmark Nonfiction Films

Act of Killing, from director Josh Oppenheimer (above left), is probably one of the best documentaries of all time. Oppenheimer won a MacArthur Genius Grant… 883 more words

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Film Critics Are Some Of The Worst Moviegoers In The World

Most people seem to hate film critics, and every once in a while, I feel compelled to disagree. Or at the very least, silently disagree (#NOTALLCRITICS). 1,470 more words

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