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Don Cheadle Says Rachel Dolezal Was Right About Boycotting 'Exodus'

If you saw Exodus‘ box office returns ($65 million domestic on a $140 million budget, though it did well overseas), you know that a boycott of it is probably unnecessary, even if we… 454 more words

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Belfast has a Business Problem

Being a bi-coastal student has many pros and cons – getting a break from parental guidance, homesickness, money issues, malnutrition – but one thing that remains a constant is comparison between the two places. 559 more words

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James Cameron Praises 'Terminator: Genisys,' Calling It 'The Third Film' Of The Franchise

James Cameron directed the two highest-grossing movies of all time, Titanic and Avatar, but probably has the most artistic street cred for Terminator and… 363 more words

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Venus. The greatest highlight of the weekend.

I watched the last show of Venus; the play brought by The Actors Workshop Beirut and directed by a brilliant man called Jacques Maroun. This is Maroun’s third play after Reasons to be Pretty and Ka3eb 3aleh. 491 more words


A Seismologist Has Blown The Lid Off Scientific Inaccuracies In 'San Andreas'

I was fairly ebullient in my praise of San Andreas, a movie that depicts The Rock tandem skydiving into AT&T park with his ex-wife to save his daughter from an Earthquake, and in the process repair his marriage and avenge his other daughter’s tragic whitewater rafting death. 399 more words

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We've Recreated The Plot Of 'Hot Pursuit' Using Quotes From Scathing Reviews

As soon as I saw the poster for Hot Pursuit (opening tomorrow!) I knew I probably would not be devoting 90 minutes to it. Looking like… 973 more words

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Two Positive Reviews Raised 'Paul Blart 2's Perfect 0% RottenTomatoes Rating To A Triumphant 4%

Paul Blart Mall Cop 2 had been pitching a perfect Bucky Larson all the way through its opening weekend last weekend, with 38 straight negative reviews… 487 more words

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