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Basic CPR Training

Hey people, today I got some CPR training! Today my P.E class was actually supposed to be in the pool swimming but our teacher wasn’t here so instead we got this. 157 more words


But Worse To Dance With the Devil Than Parch Yourself On the Golden Sun

I can feel it churning, twisting, and building, like a thunderous, dark rain cloud on hyperloop. My guts fill, they burst, and I am defeated. Succumb. 928 more words


Long Time

It’s been month, but i needed time off.

I’ve been trying to find who I am and who I want to be.

Let me just tell you that it’s not going so well. 120 more words


Love Book: Roof Design

Roof ornamentation, Golden dolphin
ISBN4872757165 (1992)


Guilty, I Hate Cleaning

Happy Friday everyone! I am doing a 15 minute writing today. I spend so much time writing I love it but it really takes a lot of time sometimes so I set a timer. 1,302 more words


hitting the ground running.

You know those days where you wake up feeling like a superhero? A great night’s sleep washes away all of the stress and anxiety and clutter, and you’re full of energy, striding out into the world and conquering to-do-lists and sparkling like sunlight? 124 more words


Day 86: Carnivorous Plants

I am a huge fan of exotic plants, especially carnivorous ones. There is just something intriguing about how an organism that is at the bottom of almost every food chain can still be a predator. 179 more words