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Project 35 | Day 65

#DoTheGreenThing was the theme of my evening. I went to the WWF UK exhibition which featured artistic takes on how to use everyday things again or to show our consumerism and how its damaging the planet. 76 more words


Random Funny Comic

Some of y’all probably have seen this before. I think it is really funny. Not necessarily true (because I’m not really watching anyone while I am at the gym) but funny none-the-less. 15 more words


Things I Did Not Expect

I haven’t been to the gym this week, as previously mentioned, and I have to tell you, things are happening to me that I wasn’t expecting. 202 more words


Bucketboard's Do the Green Thing.

This is a great little short video that was commissioned by  Do the Green Thing and World Wildlife Fund-UK for part of the “Everyday Things” collection. 139 more words

Video And Motion Graphics

Oh the Things We Do....

Because of life and financials, I have to wait before I can go to the gym again. So with that being said, I had to sit and think of stuff I can do since that is out of the question: 446 more words



Igår följde jag med Christine och hennes son Sasha till tågmuseet i Ogden hela dagen.

Det tog lite längre än beräknat eftersom vi inte visste när tåget hem skulle gå, så vi missade det med typ två minuter. 102 more words

Everyday Things

Gym Tip: Know Your Gym

So, I went to workout yesterday, and I was getting a little put off by the ‘few machines’/equipment they had for abs and such. Then I decided to check out a section that I never paid attention to. 133 more words