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Let's Go Blackhawks! Let's Go!

There is a real pressing issue here! Barley anyone in Indiana likes or watches hockey. There are those very few, but if you find them they better be Blackhawks fans! 86 more words

Everyday Things

Busy Bee

Oh my goodness.

A lot has been happening¬†lately that I think my head’s about to explode! Not complaining though, I love the rush of being busy and occupied but I do miss being able to do whatever I want for half a day or more. 306 more words

What You Crave....

As I sit here and drink my Monster Energy Drink (I know, they are horrid for me) I start craving a donut. Or a chicken biscuit from Bojangles. 577 more words

Everyday Things

Eat Your Colors - It May Help

I bet y’all have been seeing this around Facebook or other places. I saw it for the first time yesterday, and I thought it was interesting. 63 more words

Everyday Things

Things I do when I can't sleep

When I can’t fall to sleep at night I do at least one of these things:

  1. Open a windows to bring fresh cooler air in.
  2. 75 more words
About Me

What's in my everyday bag?

I am certified hoarder when it comes to my bag. The bigger the bag, the more junk I will shove into it and continue to weigh my back down. 165 more words


So the UK voting population has spoken

So 66% (46.4 million) of the UK population eligible to vote went to the Polling Stations on Thursday, 7 May 2015 to make their voices count in this year’s General Election. 1,600 more words

Everyday Things