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Late Night Boogeyman

There was this movie that came out in 1989 called Little Monsters starring child-actor-of-the-decade Fred Savage and Howie Mandel in a career defining role as Maurice, the monster who lives under the bed in a world full of ghouls and goblins. 520 more words

Everyday Musings

The Best Thing Ever

It is of Uber that I would like to speak to you today. Have you ever heard about Uber? It’s a relatively new, and revolutionary, type of car service where average people with cars offer to be chauffeurs to perfect strangers – all for about the cost of gas (unless there’s a rate surge and then you get screwed, but this is a dog eat dog money making world, so what can you expect). 617 more words

Everyday Musings

It's 2:40 in the morning

When it’s 2:40 am in the morning and all you can think about is feeling alone. I think despite how I’m feeling this is a good time to do some spring cleaning. 33 more words

Everyday Musings

When you don't listen to your gut you suffer the consequences

It all started with a Facebook notification. Rico had been messaging me on and off for 4 months all of which  I ignored. I wasn’t interested and I didn’t even know this guy. 727 more words

Everyday Musings

Where have you been?

Where do I begin? It’s been almost a year and so much has happened.

First thing is I will be back here writing more often. This place is like therapy for me. 33 more words

Everyday Musings