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Domain locations that is ;)

Hey guys, how’ve you been? Wonderful I hope! If not, let’s chat about it.

I just wanted to write a quick post notifying you guys that I have moved domains. 226 more words

Every Day Happenings!

McDonald's, Hire Better People! :Racist Lady.

McDonald’s, McDonald’s, you have to do better. I mean, you guys should just do better in general because your food isn’t nutritious, or real for that matter, but that’s not the topic at hand here. 668 more words

Every Day Happenings!

Please Don't Hate Me.

Hello there beautiful people! :D

I know, I know, I haven’t written a solid post in weeks, and the daily quotes have also been MIA. I sincerely apologize, but please don’t hate me. 196 more words

Every Day Happenings!

Little Sisters. Photography & J Crew.



There is nothing like being a big sister. I’m the middle child, so I was fortunate enough to take on both roles, little and big. … 181 more words

Every Day Happenings!

I Finally Did It: A Facebook Page.

That’s right! I finally made a Facebook page for my blog. Why didn’t I do it before? Fear, I guess. But, yesterday during one of my “what are you doing with your life moments,” I realized that if I really want this blog to be successful there is no room for doubt. 117 more words

Every Day Happenings!

Quote 26: Thank You!

I just wanted to say a quick thank you to all of my new followers; welcome to the journey! I love you all!

“Live beautifully, love easily, and thank God always.”-Lynella!

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