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California Nights at B'lore

Not everyday do I see nights with the coconuts and the palms next to me. And that too with an unusual blue sky. The moon seems real tiny here. 9 more words


All that's left to do is enjoy the view by marklocki

Hike from camp to enjoy the sunset over the Pacific Northwest from Mount Baker, Washington

As Seen on 500px – May 26, 2015 at 09:37AM


Poem of the Day

Summer Night
by Kaye Baillie

Too hot to sleep, kick off sheet,

tiptoe downstairs

and out into the cool night air.

Earth’s night light so still and round, 20 more words

Poem Of The Day



Why does the Evening show up


Like a frightened little girl,

Who is lost,

And is looking up at the darkening sky

With sad, apprehensive eyes, 9 more words

Happy Memorial DAY Evening

Respect, memory and honor to fallen soldiers on this Memorial Evening

God,s healing  touch and comfort to those who had lost loved one in the military. 29 more words


Stars Outside

Formations are the same in the evening sky,

Wherever I glance I can be next to you again,

Miles away yet I am still wanting to be with you, 89 more words