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In Your Systems Taking Your Space

We are hellcamping enemy staging because that’s what it’s come to. One squad of jacket wearing roleplayers is now camping in an enemy alliance. Logon if you want to spread the good news about Max Singularity VI, the first of his name.

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Ávant Bil

This weekend was pretty busy in RL so I didn’t spend much time in New Eden. The bright point of the weekend came last night, I only had a short time to play so was out scanning some Systems in the… 268 more words

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Surprising Luck

“Sometimes when you are trying to do one thing, luck can change and still end up in your favor.”


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Gøra Ríki

There is a lot of speculation happening in regards to what people are calling “FozzieSov” and “N+1″. There have been a number of good posts and reddit threads on the subject… 280 more words

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Capsuleer's singing career 'destroyed' after leaked audio sold for 1 Billion Isk

THE singing career of a capsuleer is ‘finished’ after audio direct from a recording session was leaked.

It is understood that Applied Anarchy bought the leaked file from an insider at the studio where Liza Togenada was recording his debut album. 81 more words

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OOC Northern Troll - Honesty

Sometimes I suffer from migraines and my head gives me odd thoughts to chew on.  Round and round they go till I either start telling folks about them or write them down.   159 more words