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Gjálfrmarr – [Svipul, Dominatus Nox]

A Svipul geared towards Gate Camp operations. She’s named “Dominatus Nox” in ode to the “Thunder” fellas of the 3rd Battalion 11th Marines. She’s got a solid tank which obviously provides more survivability. 130 more words

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YC117.3.28 : Mission Briefing

Today, I have accepted my mission.  The details have long been in discussion and debate, with the final revision coming in today.  Some of the mission is classified to an extent I cannot even discuss it at this time in my own log.   228 more words


OOC: Mathematics

Okay, a few ‘Eve is dying folks’ have been proclaiming the end of the word for a while now (like since the game started).  They do anything to prove how dead the game is . 451 more words

Fólcvíg Ráð Umbúð

Our Alliance Leadership has been busily working on getting some stuff organized, options have been tossed around and discussed and now a direction has been decided upon and set in motion. 74 more words

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Continuing my piecemeal and out of date review of Fanfest, I watched the “Welcome to Fanfest and the Future of VR” presentation tonight.

CCP CEO Hilmar Pétursson’s speech really struck a chord with me. 184 more words

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