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EVE: U tube - Size Matters

I am new to EVE so finding this old vid on YOUTUBE was great: SHIP SIZE VIDEO

Now the people scale is quickly lost… for example my new catalyst (yeah I got another) has a… 29 more words

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EVE: U tube...

Now this is content…game sends in the drifters to disrupt a player gathering…

And more scary as EVESPLORATORY explains maybe the drifters would be interested in the capsuleers graveyard, Molea Cemetery…(another site to visit!) 114 more words

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Skapa Háttr

“Content”… it’s a simple word but in EVE it can at times be a complex theory. I’d say that most residents of New Eden likely relate content creation very simply to either PvP or PvE activities. 154 more words

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Hi folks,

Hard to believe I wrote this guide over 4 years ago now. Nearly 200,000 guide views later, this site is still getting quite a bit of traffic. 86 more words

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June in Review

The Site

Well, WordPress.com finally decided to impose their new stats page on us.  I am not a fan, to say the least.  While they did fix the problem where the first three years of my stats were missing, which I… 1,630 more words


EVE: Catalysts Cataclysm... Oops!

So the first EVE Epic arc has been until this morning a breeze… and as always there is no quick get out of jail button when the shit does hit the fan(I must get used to setting up an escape jump point) so the Lair of Snakes claimed another victim today… I got them down to the last 3 NPC pirates before my 7 guns became insufficient. 201 more words