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PHP Cont.


So to start up a webserver via command line, go to your root folder, php -S localhost:9465. Any port will do as long as above 1300 and is available. 214 more words

How many more people will we allow Blizzard and WoW to murder?

I think its about time someone took up the righteous cause of saving the world from murder/suicide-assisting MMOs and the evil that they bring. Now you might be saying “But SynCaine, surely the developers are setting proper limits here and not encouraging such things?”, but you would be wrong. 212 more words

World Of Warcraft

It's that time of the year

PLEX for Good ends this weekend. If you can spare some internet spaceship money for a good cause, please do.


(IC) Family Matters

Kathyayini wants me to come back to her.

Of course she does. Now that I’ve come to accept how things are, how things were going to be, it all changes yet again. 428 more words

(IC) Highlander

While discussing corporate matters with SM.RB directors today, I logged onto the Intergalactic Summit channel and had a long conversation with Commander Diana Kim.

Cdr Kim and I have what I would describe as a strained friendship. 508 more words

Hvílð II

RL is still full on at the moment so my time in New Eden has been sparse and most of it has been spent playing catch up with the goings on – I’m jonesing for some solid play time… need to make some ISK and go shoot some things! 39 more words

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