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Command Nodes

This is just a quick comment. As most of you will likely know, CCP have released their first clear overview of the next iteration of null sec ownership mechanics. 297 more words

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Marglóð Hestrskórs

The RL brother has come up with a new theory in which I’ve apparently got a horseshoe up my arse. I ran a couple of sites over the weekend and scored some good drops. 128 more words

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WoW Tokens - PLEX with Price Supports

Well, they went for it.  I was predicting against it due to the frenzy of bitterness left over from the Diablo III real money auction house fiasco, but it looks like there will be a PLEX-like item from Blizzard, as was… 844 more words



In a recent DEV Blog CCP provided initial stats on the interaction between Capsuleers and Drifters.


At the bottom of the blog CCP Affinity said “and we look forward to seeing how you tackle the next phase!”. 104 more words

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An Exciting Weekend

Oh where to begin, was most definitely quite the busy weekend. I’d say the first noteworthy thing (in the Kasken world of ships anyway) was my overwhelming awesome baiting of some Gorgon guys. 916 more words

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Ammo, ammo, ammo…

I primarily fly Minmatar ships which primarily fit projectile turrets, autocannons and artillery, and these turrets use projectile ammo of which there is a fairly wide selection to load. 251 more words

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