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When Necessary, Use Words.

Truth be told, I’m rather non-confrontational. I don’t seek out arguments. And if there’s one skill I learned at the auto body, it’s patience and calm under fire. 351 more words



I just finished a discussion on evangelization. So often, the understanding is that someone needs to be saved, and that they need to be told how. 155 more words


Fear and Risks in Evangelization

Today (Acts 14:5-18) we find Paul and Barnabas on mission in Lycaonian cities of Lystra and Derbe. And they’ve been on quite a streak. They were in the Lycaonian region because of an attempt to stone them after their most recent preaching of the Gospel in Iconium. 604 more words


"I Found It!"

During my undergraduate years at Mt. Holyoke College, I was to take the first course of what was to become my life’s work. Yet, at this very secular college, Philosophy of Religion had not been framed as articulate reasoning to believe.

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Christian Spirituality

The Vine and the Branches

In his homily for the 5th Sunday of Easter, Father Hanly tells us, “The work of the Kingdom is given to us, for we will walk and talk, we will forgive and care or not care, we will be the ones that carry the message of Jesus — he will be with us, but it is our turn to walk the way he walked, to care the way he cared, to love the way he loved, and this is the way, this is the way that the Kingdom of God shall gradually take over the whole world.” 1,366 more words


Righteous Not Riotous

There are so many miscommunications in the course of a normal day. Just small, trivial things and, yet, they can be so very frustrating. I don’t know how many times I have rolled my eyes or grit my teeth in aggravation. 1,178 more words



Thursday 30th April – Thursday of the 4th week of Eastertide

Reflections: Acts 13:13-25


As Paul preached to the Jews at Antioch in Pisidia, he put the message of the gospel into historical perspective so that his hearers would understand how the message of Christ flowed from their history and is a fulfillment of God’s promise made to their fathers. 335 more words

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