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Promising Practices for April

 Reach out to invite members of the Black Community to a special Welcome Home celebration for Easter.

Reach out to alcohol and drug addicts in the Black Community by welcoming various support groups to your parish community. 29 more words


Blessed Are They That Mourn: Stratford Caldecott and Tradition

Hilaire Belloc calls the dons that taught him at Oxford «The horizon of my memories— / Like large and comfortable trees.» I can apply that expression to the friends of my parents whom I knew as a small child. 2,069 more words

The Dove

The Yoga of Me

Yoga is doing something to me. Everytime I come to yoga class something comes alive in me, or maybe it doesn’t come alive- maybe it just turns its head ever so slightly, like a sleeping dragon. 285 more words

Today's Beauty Theme is Mountains

Today’s theme is mountains. Being a Montana native, I can never get enough of mountains. God bless!

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Jesus Christ

How do Catholics have a "personal" relationship with Jesus?

Just a few days ago, an acquaintance asked me and some other friends, “How do you develop and foster your personal relationship with Jesus? 945 more words


Reflections on Death on a Friday Afternoon, Chapter 2: Judge Not

Below are two reflections from Richard John Neuhaus’s book, Death on a Friday Afternoon: Meditations on the Last Words of Jesus from the Cross, Chapter 2: Judge Not. 954 more words

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