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Facebook pages are travel agencies for desperate migrants trying to get to Europe

A Facebook user commenting on a post on the Smuggling Syrians from Turkey to Europe page caustically asks, “if we drown, do we get our money back?” 701 more words

In charts: here's why Greece is making a mistake by turning to Russia for help

At the beginning of April, Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras made a state visit to Moscow. Mr. Tsipras and Russian President Vladimir Putin had a lot to discuss: the two countries are working to finalize negotiations on a pipeline for Russian natural gas between Turkey and Macedonia (FYROM), and it has emerged that Greece is now in talks to buy S-300 missiles from Russia. 630 more words

Leaked Obama “Trade” Pact Exposes Assault on Self-government

  • As establishment Republicans join forces with the Obama administration to ram through a series of sweeping pseudo-“free trade” agreements with the European Union, critics are up in arms over various leaked provisions that would all but crush the principles of self-government.
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European leaders are "declaring war on smugglers," but advocates for migrant workers say that's not enough

As European leaders met in Brussels to discuss the continent’s migration crisis, 24 victims of the latest boat-crossing disaster on the Mediterranean were buried in Malta. 431 more words

These documents reveal the EU's thoughts on regulating Google, Facebook, and other platforms

If anyone thought European Union digital commissioner Günther Oettinger was bluffing when he recently suggested (paywall) the EU might rein in big internet companies like Google, Facebook, and Yahoo, they may not think so now. 579 more words

The woman taking on Google and Gazprom is a good bureaucrat, and an even better politician

One year ago yesterday, Margrethe Vestager went to Horsens, a tiny Danish town of just over 50,000 people, on a trip to a care home to understand the nutritional requirements of its elderly residents. 663 more words