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The EU has a responsibility to fight human trafficking in Ukraine

Ukraine has one of the highest levels of human trafficking in Europe. Over 120,000 Ukrainian men, women, and children have been exploited for labor and sex since the country became independent in 1991. 865 more words

Amazon has quietly changed the way it pays tax in Europe

Europeans have become increasingly unhappy about how multinationals—especially tech companies—take advantage of the EU’s structure to pay minimal taxes. The European single market allows them to pick the most friendly tax regime and channel revenue through it, rather than declaring it in the countries where it was earned. 204 more words

EU Agricultural Subsidies - The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)

Its going to be a turbulent year for the EU with Greece going broke, the UK looking to opt out and immigrants arriving by the thousands. 2,142 more words


The human trafficking situation in Europe is out of control

They hide inside suitcases. Under the bottom of cars. Or even inside the back bumper. Hundreds of thousands of refugees have been paying thousands of dollars to cross the Mediterranean—for a trip that, they know, might end up in death.  883 more words

The UK's new justice minister has some worrisome thoughts on human rights

Michael Gove’s tenure as education secretary in the UK makes his appointment to justice secretary one that ought to invite caution and attention. There were surely moments of that tenure that have raised questions as to why he was ever appointed to the post in the first place. 852 more words

Europe wants to impose a new tax on Kickstarter projects

The European Commission is weighing whether to impose a tax on crowdfunding websites like Kickstarter.  The idea is that people who pledge, say, $100 to get a credit card-sized cell phone… 380 more words