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It's us or the fish, EU tells Iceland. Iceland chooses the fish

Iceland sent a letter to the president of the European Union on Thursday, formally withdrawing plans to join the bloc. The letter (pdf) will have come as no surprise. 269 more words

"A Message to Netanyahu: Enough Is Enough"


By Alon Ben-Meir

The killing of a security guard at a synagogue in Copenhagen over two weeks ago has renewed Netanyahu’s call for mass immigration of European Jews to Israel. 112 more words


Several versions of the "Ode to Joy"

You would have been hearing a lot of national anthems recently; for  a ready reference you can turn to this:


But you would not hear the European Union’s anthem “Ode to Joy” at this World Cup or at any other sporting event. 604 more words


Quartz deciphers Europe's jargon-laden plans for Greece so you don't have to

Europe’s most abstruse pen pals were busy yesterday, locked in correspondence to seal a four-month extension of its bailout program for Greece. Let’s cut through the bureaucratic language to see how the continent is papering over the lack of consensus on its economic problems. 754 more words

Germany and Greece can't even agree to disagree on what to do next

There have been more ups and downs in the first 10 days of the new Greek government’s administration than most governments see in an entire term. 460 more words