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Greeks are making a momentous and completely confusing vote on the future of their country

Greeks head to the polls July 5 to vote in a referendum on whether the government should accept a proposed bailout. Rejection or acceptance of the deal, which would fund the flailing economy on the condition that Athens implement further austerity measures, has the potential to redefine Greece’s position in Europe, and ultimately the economic integrity of the entire European Union. 303 more words

The Greek Rathole

This weekend the future of Greece as a European country may be established. While the world’s geography will not change, the short sightedness of European Union leaders may drive Greece out of the Euro and subsequently the EU. 542 more words



The Greek government is now ready to sign on to a bailout package it threw out just days ago, but the about-face won’t fix the country’s crisis anytime soon. 173 more words


The Greek crisis shows that what we need is more Europe, not less

This blog post is a translated and edited version of an article I wrote in Dutch for Het Parool. This English version was first published on the… 716 more words

European Union

Two ways the next moves by Greece and Europe will affect you—and the global economy

Greece has defaulted on its debt to the IMF and put its financial system into a painful stasis until a July 5 referendum on whether to accept the conditions attached to another tranche of bail-out loans from its creditors. 750 more words

Burundi is going to the polls amid rising tensions and the African Union is out of options to help

Seventeen opposition parties will boycott elections as Burundians vote for their local and parliamentary representatives today. This comes after weeks of protests over president Pierre Nkurunziza’s bid for a… 367 more words

The Euro and EU are doomed

The EU is doomed. And, therefore, the Euro as well. It’s only a matter of time, but the EU will collapse, like all superstates made up of nations forced together have in the past. 444 more words