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A New Great Game Is Afoot and India Must Join The Play

In deciding to visit all the Central Asian Republics (CARs) together, which none of his predecessors has done, Prime Minister Modi hopefully intends to take a holistic view of India’s relations with Central Asia. 32 more words



Istanbul Chinese restaurant attacked during demonstrations against China’s treatment of Uyghur Muslims
  • Despite being owned by a Turkish man and employing a Uyghur cook, Happy China became a target of protesters’ anger.
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End of an Era? Governing AKP Wins But Loses Its Majority: Tomorrow’s Turkey in Question.

A CHP rally in southern Turkey

The elections for Turkish Grand National Assembly on 7 June 2015 have halted the AKP’s long hold on power. Despite remaining the largest party, election results were a surprise to the AKP. 975 more words

Syrian university student population in Turkey experiences nearly eight-fold increase over four-year period
  • The total number of Syrian students in Turkish higher education has increased from 608 to 4,597 since 2011, according to Turkey’s Higher Education Board (YÖK).
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Istanbul Pride attendees dispersed by police with water cannon and rubber bullets as governor calls off event
  • Plans to march along Istanbul’s Istikal Avenue near Taksim Square quickly evaporated as police swarmed the marchers preparing for the Sunday evening parade, leading to several detentions.
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The suitcase always near at hand

Once again I’m sitting in an airport. My trips these past few months have been one right after another such that I don’t even put my suitcase away when I get home. 821 more words


China takes the New Silk Road to the air, but will it fly?


“Of the 193 civil aviation construction projects that are planned for this year, 51 strategic projects will directly serve the Belt and Road initiatives in 2015, according to Civil Aviation Administration of China chief Li Jiaxiang” 255 more words