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Did I Curse or No?

In a covo with my boyfriend I was like..

“why wtf”

and he was like

“why you cursing at me”

and I was like

“I did not curse at you because, I said wtf (wtf) is not a… 8 more words


I'll Be Just Grandma, Thank You.

We either love or hate our Grandmas, for the most part. I’ve found that most people I know love them, and love them deeply and intrinsically. 611 more words


Nearly sweary ads

Once upon a time, advertising copywriters could seize your attention with words like FREE and SALE and GUARANTEED OR YOUR MONEY BACK. Now they vie to see who can nudge closest to actual expletives without going… 437 more words


'You're the Best Boss I've Ever Had' and Other Lies We Tell to Keep the Job

Last year I wrote about the lies we tell to get the job in the first place, including ‘I’m passionate about spreadsheets’, ‘I like washing everyone else’s dishes’ and ‘I’m happy to work overtime without being compensated for it’. 966 more words


Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) Draws a Rare Foul

Imagine my horror when opening the news and seeing the headline that the U.S. Justice Department, assisted by Swiss authorities, had filed corruption charges against 14 FIFA officials. 654 more words

Euphemisms are dangerous

Ruthless people love euphemisms because they obscure the truth. So the inevitable and predictable deaths of civilians and the destruction of civil amenities in war are hidden behind the innocuous term “collateral damage” and genocide is hidden behind the bland “ethnic cleansing” and so on. 607 more words