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Pig Pharma Now Going After Grandparents!

Today, as I sat waiting on a phone representative to assist me, on the screen was an advertisement by Glaxo Smith Kline (GSK), a Pig Pharma giant. 208 more words

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The Dexter to the Sinister Denver Airport

Autodesk Case Study: Denver International Airport

It’s no exaggeration to say that Denver International Airport must be managed as if it were “a small city.” In fact, it’s more like a large city.DIA is one of the largest…

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From Yahoo News: Is it a UFO? Sun Halo Sparks Fear and Jokes in Mexico

So, here you have it. Again, a synthetic Parhelion, not a true, naturally occurring Sundog, and it is labeled safe! If this was a natural event you would have multiple suns refracted in the circumjacent ring.  895 more words

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Why you need to reject ethical guidelines if you want to practice ethically

Being critical to me is not about learning how to systematically review an article or deciding whether someone has used the right statistic test in their study.   1,259 more words


Dr. Andrew Wakefield Conference: Ignite the Truth

If you don’t have time to watch the entirety of the following video, then please, at least watch the first six minutes or so. And in these six minutes, you will discover how a true doctor, a true physician, responds to his or her patients’ needs: … 584 more words

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Fantasy: “Vaccines Remarkably Safe and Effective”

Image: Dees Illustration

Here is even more evidence that shows vaccines are, and have been, ineffective and dangerous:

Fantasy: “vaccines remarkably safe and effective”

by Jon Rappoport…

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The Jukes/Edwards Eugenics Study: Not a Canadian Story we are proud of

                                                     This is from MacLean’s 1910.

A friend of mine, a writer, author, professor and painter, wants to write about her  ancestors one day – just like I do in my e-books. 816 more words