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My interview for BBC Worlds News on sterilisation and eugenics

On February 27, 2015 I was interviewed by David Eades of the BBC World News  to comment on the BBC story on the eugenics victims in the US who had been forcibly sterilised during the state of Virginia’s eugenics programme.  291 more words



Kinda makes you feel good all over doesn’t it? A whopping twenty five thousand as reparations for being guilty of engaging in eugenics, the very thing this country condemned the Nazis for, who by the way were so impressed with U.S. 131 more words

How the story of Halliday Sutherland is relevant today and why it needs to be told

The curator of this site, Mark Sutherland, tells how it came about:

“I never met Halliday Sutherland. He died six months before I was born. Growing up, I became increasingly aware of his life and his books.

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Center for Immigration Studies' hostility to immigration and human flourishing

The Charlotte Observer reports about a unique and little known federal immigration program that gives visas to wealthy foreign investors to invest in US projects. The EB-5 program was created in the 1990’s and only has 10,000 visas issued per year but has been a boon for developers seeking capital to make construction ideas a reality. 320 more words

Teen Encouraged Friend to Commit Suicide, Police Say


An 18-year-old girl has been charged with manslaughter for urging her friend to commit suicide.

Conrad Roy III, 18, committed suicide last summer in a Kmart parking lot in Fairhaven, Massachusetts. 393 more words

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CIA Agent Says War Is Eugenics & Drug War Is Fake

(I’m re-posting this video for educational purposes, in accordance with ‘fair use’ provisions in the copyright act; this blog is not monetized).

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Virginia to Compensate Victims of Forced Sterilization*

Virginia to Compensate Victims of Forced Sterilization*

Legislators in the U.S. state of Virginia voted Thursday to allow compensation for victims of forced sterilization, though few survivors are alive today. 383 more words