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A firm with no employees is not a firm

Business demographic statistics in New Zealand include companies with zero employees and calls them a firm.

Source: Statistics New Zealand.

Every definition of a firm that I have seen refers to a firm as a relationship between employers, employees and others. 869 more words

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Efficient Market Hypothesis - or Not?


Contradicting the Hypothesis



Not everyone believes in the efficient market.  Numerous researchers over the previous decades have found stock market anomalies that indicate a contradiction with the hypothesis.  869 more words


Eugene Fama and the simulative effects of fiscal policy

Eugene Fama argues that government bailouts and stimulus plans seem attractive when there are idle resources – when there is unemployment such as in a recession or depression including in the 1930s. 427 more words


Eugene Fama on share market bubbles

Q: I guess most people would define a bubble as an extended period during which asset prices depart quite significantly from economic fundamentals.

A: That’s what I would think it is, but that means that somebody must have made a lot of money betting on that, if you could identify it.

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