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"It is a Dangerous Fantasy..." Why we need to leave the EU

“The idea that there’s gonna be a European army is simply not true… … … It is a Dangerous Fantasy.” – as directly quoted from Nick Clegg in the EU debate with Nigel Farage.  318 more words

Robert Soane

EU Parliament Conservatives: We Are Ready for War with Russia

Source: Russia Insider

“Time of talk and persuasion is over,” MEP and Vice-President of the EPP Jacek Saryusz-Wolski said at the meeting.

“Now it’s time for a tough policy, a realistic policy, and concentration on defense and security, because the eastern flank of the EU feels vitally, existentially threatened.” 204 more words

World At WAR

EU Parliament supports shift towards advanced biofuels

A draft law to cap crop-derived biofuel production and accelerate the shift to alternative sources was voted by Parliament on Tuesday. It aims to cut greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions caused by the growing use of farm land for biofuel crops. 678 more words


If You Want To Be Strictly Accurate...

An interesting phenomenon which becomes apparent when being an established blogger is the nature of the readership – it never fails to amaze who actually reads the bog. 520 more words

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Visit to European Parliament

We had the amazing opportunity to spend a morning at the European Union Parliament in Strasbourg, France. We were lucky enough to visit when 16-17 year old students from all of the Europe Union countries were there, and we were able to sit in on part of their session. 113 more words

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European Jewish Congress Out of Touch with the Community

How are our European Jewish institutions addressing the deeply socialized systemic anti-Semitism flourishing throughout Europe? I ask this question with hesitant concern; it seems that our international community’s focus has been fixed so solely on jihadis and political minefields, we’ve forgotten to check in on… 305 more words