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An extravagant feast of food. French “banquet” < diminutive of “banc”=bench on which food can be served.



Tramp: One of a set of gradations of the act of setting a toe down firmly on the soil, that includes the mincing tramps of trit and trot, the light brush of a tread, the click of a tap, the catch of a trip, and the snap of a trap, which is the negative of a step and, like anti-matter to matter, catches it and makes it permanent. 16 more words



One Reddit user has recently discovered a miniature world inside an old bottle while he was cleaning his yard. The long neck of the bottle creates a sense that you’re peering into an amazing world. 1,434 more words

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The word 'husband'

This English word is a grammatical modification of the Norse word ‘húsbóndi’, which means ‘male head of a house’. It is a combination of the Old Norse word ‘hús’ (which means house) and Old Norse word, bóndi (a masculine noun implying residency). 53 more words


Comedy - We Laugh, We Cry, We Unify

Although I enjoy a large range of writings, mostly falling under the romantic section, I particularly love to laugh. Laughing is good for one’s health, and gaining a few laugh lines is nothing to be ashamed about. 786 more words

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Muscle pain. Greek “myo-“=of the muscles < “mus”=muscle + “-algia” < “algos”=pain.