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Mistress, a Powerful Word to Waste

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Margaret Sullivan of the New York Times would like to see the word “mistress” retired as a term past its prime, outdated and sexist (Is ‘Mistress” a Word That Has Seen Its Best Days?). 1,173 more words


In a word - notwithstanding

This odd preposition can also appear as a postposition, but does not behave much like either.

Something of a syntactic nut, notwithstanding can appear as either a preposition or postposition: 555 more words



The famous writer O. Henry (who coincidentally called Austin home for several years) wrote a sad short story called “The Furnished Room,” which begins: “Restless, shifting, fugacious as time itself is a certain vast bulk of the population of the red brick district of the lower West Side.” Many English speakers won’t recognize the fancy word… 155 more words

Spanish Language


To stammer or hesitate in speech. Middle English “stakar” < Old Norse “stakra”=to stumble or stagger.


Where do prayers come from?

Where does the word “pray” come from, and who are the pray-ers?

According to the Online Etymology Dictionary prayer comes from the Old French:

According to… 250 more words



Manifold: Many’s field, the many of many, the abundance of abundance, the variability of variability.

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The Gay Sweater!

At least once a week I find myself thinking about the frailty of memories. I get really caught up thinking about how much things can and do change. 443 more words