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Word Spy

I recently discovered Word Spy and have shared it with all my linguists friends. One of my recent favorite words, “flaneurable,” turned into a hilarious exchange with a Spanish linguist friend, who thought this word had something to do with flan. 106 more words



A state of unnatural and prolonged sleep, with complete unconsciousness. Greek “koma”=deep sleep c.f. “koman”=to put to sleep.


The History of “Thug”

I might have to stop using the word “thug” in my writing.  Over the last few days, several television commentators on several cable news stations have stated that “thug” is the new code for the “N-word.” I have to take their opinions seriously because cable news commentators are known for carefully thinking about what they say before they say it. 891 more words


Polynesian Languages III

Hi everyone! Happy May! This week we will finish up our rules for Polynesian Languages. The third installment of this set of videos wraps up the vowel sounds which we started last week and takes a look at some consonant rules. 63 more words



Condition of stupor or apathy; prolonged sleep. Latin “lethargia” < Greek “lithargos”=forgetful < “lanthanesthai”=to forget.


Canton John Salvo

Cantare: a singer’s behemoth spewing out gill silts
Adjusted by a hair, the necktie has coffined the throat; a triangular strangler
Coffined by praise and by the note. 581 more words