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Tales from the compass

North was not always the “default” or “top” cardinal direction on the compass. At various times, south and east were, too, depending on who was doing the orientating. 453 more words


To wet, soak, or moisten; to turn into a soft mass. Anglo-Norman “moiller” < Latin “molliare”=to moisten < “mollis”=soft.



Words… I am left with none.
They came and gone with the wind and along with my heart

The intense rush of color was spilling from my soul and out my fingertips… 63 more words


New Item! Don't Be Pusillanimous Patch

Pusillanimous is a word that doesn’t get used often enough anymore. It means to be timid, or cowardly. You should always strive not to be pusillanimous. 26 more words


A fight between armies; a one-to-one fight. Old French “cumbatre” < Latin “com-“=together + “battere”=to fight.


Why Historians and Linguists Should Read the Ibis Trilogy

Historians and linguists of the world: you should be reading Amitav Ghosh’s Ibis Trilogy – Sea of Poppies, River of Smoke, and the recently released Flood of Fire. 1,120 more words


On the Trumpiness of the Donald

I have frequently noticed the correlation between a person’s last name and their occupation.

This not unusual, for this is whence last names originated. What is more amusing, is the coincidence with the last name and the character of the person. 351 more words