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On the Trumpiness of the Donald

I have frequently noticed the correlation between a person’s last name and their occupation.

This not unusual, for this is whence last names originated. What is more amusing, is the coincidence with the last name and the character of the person. 351 more words


Mad Scientist

Scholars who take the Old English for Orthographers LEXinar take a critical look at what’s said about the historical origins of words. Many categorically false, totally ascientific claims have been made in print by language educators widely considered to be “experts.” It’s been going on for decades. 1,384 more words


Cats and Etymology: Meet Mishmash!

Hi everyone! Meet Mishmash:

She’s our musha (cat). She was inherited from volunteers from a previous staj, and another volunteer took care of her for a month while we were living with our host family. 799 more words



To hide in wait then perform a surprise attack. Old French “embruscher < late Latin “inboscare”=to place in the bushes.



n. (plural finnimbruns) A trinket, a knickknack.

The Google Books Ngram Viewer has no recorded uses of the word, and the etymology appears to be unknown. 14 more words



n. Psychology A state of infatuation or obsesion with another person, usuallty involuntary and characterized by a strong desire for reciprocation of one’s feelings, however not primarily for a sexual relationship. 82 more words


Terminology: Mascot

  • Language: English
  • Pronunciation: /ˈmæs.kɒt/
  • Etymology: from the Medieval Latin masca (spectre, nightmare, mask)

Way back when, football mascots looked like this…

…and travelled around generally behaving like good eggs as representatives of their team. 493 more words