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In a mountainous region, in the heart of Ethiopia, some 645km from Addis Ababa, is a town famous for “monolithic rock-cut churches”.  LALIBELA is one of Ethiopia’s holiest places, second only to AKSUM, and it is a centre of pilgrimage.  957 more words


#BlackLivesMatter: godsson501

Israelites still practicing their original faith that they ran into Africa with centuries ago. Outcasted by other Africans. #Rp @hebrews_to_negroes – It is a known fact that many of the slaves taken to the Americas were from West Africa like the country of Nigeria. 154 more words

Social Justice

Gondar - Africa's Camelot

Meh! to the camelot thing. Maybe a lazy reference to Tolkien – the real siege of Gond(o)ar suits better? Certainly the sight of these 18th Century (and later) castles, churches, libraries and saunas seem utterly fantastical.   90 more words


The Modern Suppression of Oromo People Under Abyssinia's Centric Cycle of Power.

Dear reader,

The modern suppressions of our people is started from seeing through lens that have been deliberately assigned to us by Abyssinian mass media manipulation experts. 1,413 more words


Made It

I’m here! Sorry I know it’s three days late in notice but internet here is shotty at best and they keep us pretty busy. I’ll try to make up what I missed. 97 more words

Happy 4th! From Ethiopia

I’m feeling weak and lethargic again 24 hours after eating that mystery fish. I expected Ethiopia to have more fish from the sea, not only freshwater fish from the Nile. 1,037 more words