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Arab Spring turns to Fall?

As we watch refugees pouring out of Libya on illegal boats (sometimes thrown off in the Mediterranean) or see tourists bombed in a Tunisian museum or read about the supposed Egyptian reformer President Morsi being sentenced to 20 years in jail for torture of protesters, we may wonder what happened to the Arab Spring that seemed so promising.  259 more words


Pastoral Letter to Ethiopians

Pastoral Letter to Ethiopians.

Dr. Girma Bekele, a former Ethiopian colleague from London School of Theology, now teaching at Wycliffe College in Toronto, writes this important prophetic open letter addressed to Ethiopian Christians, at a time when the Church in that country is reckoning with the brutal killing of some of its members at the hands of Daesh militants in Libya.. 106 more words


Report finds East Africans make poverty wage in Minnesota


A new report conducted by the Center for Popular Democracy shows a disproportionately high poverty rate among East African communities in Minnesota. 501 more words


Ethiopia Adventures

Welcome to Ethiopia! I had the opportunity to visit with my friend Allyson and her family, who served there for 5 years before coming to Kenya… 213 more words