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Political Bullying 2016 – Or How I Feel About Political Add Campaigns

It never ceases to amaze me how the “modern” political add campaigns are supposed to compel me to cast my vote. A candidate supporting the tidbits of vital slandering information, made public for my own (the publics) protection and, of course, is supposed to shift my decision in their favor. 582 more words


Ethics, Morality, and Conflicting Interests

This paper caught my eye. It sounds very noble. But government funding can result in very much the same abuse.

Baur X, Budnik LT, Ruff K, Egilman DS, Lemen RA, Soskolne CL. 203 more words


More Than Just "Doing the Right Thing"

“Ethics” encompass much more than just making good choices, eating all your vegetables, and not drinking until you are of age. Ethics play a huge role not only in the communications industry, but in everyday life. 306 more words


Would You Attend the Wedding of a Gay Friend or Family Member?


Lately, I have realized something about myself. I love reading books. Ok, I did not just find that out (though I hated to read, even refused to read before age 20). 249 more words


Advocating Biology

A bit amusing, but I never imagined that I’d feel so compelled to become a biology apologetic, what some people call “design.” Biology is an incredible and remarkable thing, we are wonderfully and fearfully made and so is the world around us. 966 more words