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Howard Zinn, A.A.U.P., and the Battle for Academic Freedom

This essay originally appeared in Logos: a journal of modern society and culture. The first paragraph was edited to reflect subsequent revelations concerning the Association and the Great War. 3,467 more words


Let Bjorn Lomborg relocate to Cambodia, in the name of humanity!

I hope wild dogs don’t eat Bjorn Lomborg. This terrible impending danger could have been averted by our thrifty federal government building his think-tank in a developed country like Cambodia. 351 more words



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With Love and Compassion, Daniel Andrew Lockwood

Self Actualization

Do Things Want?

Alan Jacobs’ 79 Theses on Technology were offered in the spirit of a medieval disputation, and they succeeded in spurring a series of stimulating responses in… 2,391 more words


Bloggers And Books

I’m sure everyone reading this knows of certain bloggers or YouTube personalities who have been given the opportunity to bring out books. And I’m also sure everyone has seen the controversy it has brought. 627 more words


Hell in a handcart

We were burgled last weekend. Not a massive disaster, but unsettling none the less.

As I hacked back the plant to reveal an old burglar alarm box, and then drove to the badlands of London to recycle the clippings; I was sent, en route, to buy a replacement Xbox at Argos, in order to cheer up the kids. 238 more words