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A Comment On The Ethical Ramifications of a Carbon Tax

Robert E. Goodin, in Selling Environmental Indulgence, contends green taxes have no constructive place in society. He argues that the “problem with green taxes is they say, ‘it is ok to pollute, provided you pay'” (Goodin 236). 1,956 more words


General Studies

We have teacher at our school who teaches all the psychology, philosophy lessons. He also does our General studies, and my god is he clever. He challenges you on everything and not in a bad way, he just throws out the opposing arguments and poses questions on everything. 14 more words


No Dualisms! Byron Borger of Hearts and Minds Bookstore

The book display at the Jubilee 2015 conference that I recently spoke at was organized and staffed (as it is every year) by bookseller extraordinaire, Byron Borger of… 429 more words

Why We Kant Accept This (Immanual Kant & the Moral Rules)

Ethics is not my strong suite. I’ve said this many times in my other posts. While the debated subjects in and of themselves are not too bad, the conclusions are what throw me off. 1,005 more words


Crisis Management Through Stillness

Last week, I discovered an article on Gawker that intrigued me because of the lesson it offered for me in my training to become a communications professional. 1,191 more words


Fr. 598

When, for a given phenomenon, we put forward a unique cause as the source of said phenomenon, our positing the cause as such takes on a distinctly conservative cast. 213 more words