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The Epson EB-1775W projector

Isn’t she a beauty? Yep. This is what I saw once at a client’s place. I just could not get over how slim this projector was. 210 more words


Food 101: How To Make Shish Kebab

Everyone knows my favorite season is Summer. Everything about it is awesome. The weather is great, you can enjoy being outside, plants are in bloom, fresh fruits and vegetables are growing, and the list goes on… I guess if you don’t tolerate heat well, you could go on about the weather not being great and drag in that tired, pointless argument of ‘Derp but if you’re cold you can always put on more layers, if it’s hot you can’t take more clothes off.’ Seriously that explanation makes sense in the very plainest of forms, but it makes absolutely no sense in the real world. 768 more words


The Zelda Symphony is coming to San Diego and Orlando | La Sinfónica de Zelda llega a San Diego y Orlando

[EN]: This month of July, The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses – Master Quest is coming to San Diego and Orlando. 254 more words


$14 for scrambled eggs at Baker & Cook?

One of my friends took this picture, presumably having breakfast at Baker & Cook, some hipster joint that is like many others that are sprouting up here and there. 125 more words


Samsung Galaxy Ace 3

This phone has a strange story. I bought it for my wife in December 2013 but she was not used to it. Who can blame her…she is so used to her Apple iPhone that using a Galaxy was quite confusing. 384 more words


Outright discriminatory hiring practices by some companies in Singapore

I saw this posted on Facebook yesterday and I am outraged by it. From what I can see, it smacks of religious discrimination, with a slight touch of racism, something we cannot have in a multiracial company like Singapore. 27 more words


The Aussie SG50 50 Bridges barbecue and The People's Association

I spent two years as a student in Australia and was invited for many a barbecue there. I remember having the time of my life at such barbecues and I can heartily say that those social events made an indelible mark in my memories: the horsing around, the jokes, the teasing, the laid-back atmosphere…I loved it. 364 more words