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Post 6: Superstitions About Fangirls

These are some major superstitions that I thought were just insulting to nerds, geeks, fangirls, etc. Here they are!


K POP 스타

작년 말부터 진짜 내가 미친듯이 공부 모드거덩.
월요일부터 토요일까지 학교 도서실에 짱 박혀 있었던데다,
마침 집에 인터넷까지 끊어져서
한국 방송은 커녕, naver 뉴스도 제대로 들여다 본지 좀 되었는데- … 6 more words


Common Time

When I was in college, I took a class on the history of Jazz. I thought it would help me become the kind of person I wanted to be—brilliant and esoteric and effortlessly cool. 554 more words



Felt like logging on to make a brief announcement: our camel crickets were vanquished in January, but not to worry—February has brought a cluster fly infestation! 76 more words


Smash Cake Party!

Smash Cake Sessions are GREAT FUN for Everyone!

Young Mister Kolton had a great session on Sunday. He celebrated his first year which is normally what a smash cake session is for. 202 more words

Misha Lowther

"Roger Right?"

On a multiple walks BBG and I run into other dog friends. You know the kind, you remember the name of the dog but for the life of you can’t remember the humans name of their human. 51 more words

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a carrier bag of lager in the car park after dark

A carrier bag of lager in the car park after dark by Hickeysonic on Mixcloud

okay bastardos – we’ve been a little lazy on the mix front so far this year, but here’s an hour or so of raging noise, filth, misery and anger to help wash away the despair of the week, come join us and drink a carrier bag of lager in the car park after dark, here’s the tunes… 104 more words