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The Midwest has ceased to exist

A while back, BuzzFeed thought it would be fun to ask some British folk to label the U.S. states on a blank map. The results are hilarious. 96 more words

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Radio silence

Things are really heating up for our move, so I’m going to go underground now and pop back up when we’re settled into the new place. 133 more words

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Moving violations

Poking my nose just above the water to say, Whoa, I’d forgotten how stressful it is to move! We’ve had a hell of a 2015 so far: buying a new house, selling the old one, and never quite knowing till the last minute if the deals were going to get inked or not, but 2014 quite sucked there at the end too. 226 more words

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Spots of time

Apropos of nothing in terms of writing, but what a strange time it is here at Casa de Kev. We’re set up to move to our new house in just under three weeks, having lived quite happily in this old place for the last 15 and a half years. 435 more words

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This boy's life

Are you getting the feeling that Boyhood is going to win the Best Picture Oscar on Sunday?

We just caught it on DVD the other night(s) (it’s long!), ready to be wowed. 438 more words

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Excuse me while I howl from the bottom of my lungs.

See, we’re in the midst of selling our house, and for the past week we’ve had to vacate on a dime to accommodate potential buyers who want to come by and “have a look at it.” I’ve been exposed to more BS’ers these last few days than in my entire life… 195 more words

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I just don't know what to make of this...

“Hamsters and gerbils seem almost like the exact same thing, and maybe they are, but don’t tell that to someone who really likes naming those things.”

Heather Graham

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