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There Are No Sorrys on Facebook

We’ve all seen the prevalence that Facebook has taken in our lives; some more than others, of course! There are as many complaints about Facebook as there are people, and I am not exempt from the occasional cynical observation. 677 more words


Inside the Birdcage - March 27, 2015

So I have been incommunicado from my site for the last month.  For those of you who might have been wondering where I went…  I took a short vacation from the war, seeing as how I’ve been holding my post for nearly the last two years straight without a break except for the occasional trip into town or during my stay with Magdalene House in Red Deer, and trying to reset my life.   615 more words


A stereotypical character

Okay, so maybe it’s just because I just updated my “About me” page. I am now thinking about something I wrote, and can’t get out of my head. 989 more words


Full-Spectrum Cynicism

Encapsulating his view of the essence of politics, Vladimir Lenin famously asked “who, whom”, that is to say, what matters in power relationships is who does what to whom. 1,006 more words


Is HP Lovecraft truly Neoreactionary?

It goes without saying that Lovecraft is undoubtedly the most right-leaning author in the sci-fi mainstream. To question his reactionary cred is almost heretical in itself. 1,092 more words


Mistress, a Powerful Word to Waste

Credit: http://art247.com.au/

Margaret Sullivan of the New York Times would like to see the word “mistress” retired as a term past its prime, outdated and sexist (Is ‘Mistress” a Word That Has Seen Its Best Days?). 1,173 more words