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The purpose of thingsĀ 

Some people spend their whole lives trying to make a difference. Or wondering if it means anything that they have lived at all.

Trauma Nurses do not have this problem. 106 more words


Aspies rule the Internet!

My fellow blogger and friend Fivehundredpoundpeep, posted this the other day.

From the girl with curly hair…
Aspies are knowledge junkies. We can become Internet addicts because the Internet is like crack for us.

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The Care I Need -- May 3rd, 2015

An Open Letter to Michigan Legislative and Executive Branches re changing Michigan’s No Fault Laws

* * * * * *

Dear Governor Snyder and Michigan Senators, Congressmen and Congresswomen: 1,654 more words


Read and Respond: "Ghosts of a Chance"

Game designer John Maccabee created the game Ghosts of a Chance. What is the game all about? The game Ghosts of a Chance is unlike any other game ever created. 198 more words


Read and Respond: "World Without Oil"

A world without oil. What does this mean? This idea was first thought of when a few people decided to create a game based around a worldwide oil shortage. 238 more words


Animal or Man: Mistreatment of Workers in the Meat Industry

By Miranda Todd

Throngs of pigs are thrown aside by metal arms, leaving streaks of blood in their wake. 851 more words


The Naming of Parts

My brief and humorous study of science would be entirely useless to me were it not for the romantic fictions it gave me about the insides of things. 1,521 more words