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The Rise of Popular Culture - Depression to Delirium (Country music's influence on music history)


The momentous changes in popular culture from 1945 can’t be written about until a little history of the previous 15 years is discussed. There were enormous political, social, economic and geographical upheavals in the world during the first decades of the 20th century. 2,003 more words


The Sixth Man - Episode 110


“My name is Charles,” Charles said. “Why do you ask?”

“The people who live in that house lost a child, their oldest, many years ago,” she said and added sternly. 216 more words


Diversifying Your Reading

I read a blog post, a few months back, about how we generally purchase and consume authors who are the same gender as us. The argument went that if you were a man then it was likely you’d buy 90% male authors and only 10% female writers. 906 more words


The Walk 

Science says we are all

The same family

The shades of our skin

And our differences

Are small technicalities

As they were shaped

Over time by our environment… 296 more words


The cost of femme

As some who know me may have noticed, I look different lately. Probably enough that if they already knew me as he/him, as a guy with a fairly short haircut, as a guy who bound his chest and didn’t shave his legs, as a guy with stubble, as a guy who usually wore clothing not socially ascribed to women, as a guy who in wearing “women’s clothing” would describe it as drag— to those people, whether they be friends, family, or colleagues, much has changed. 1,447 more words



Remain about, sound a tame non-cloud, (and it is possible), is not misleading only a little oscillating in the detective novels of an admiring synthetic-web of another’s Dickens-familiarity; (there’s no wrong here). 2,206 more words

Casual Misogyny #10

Okay, nothing terribly awful about this message, but I wanted to point out a few gems:

Casual Misogyny