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Are You Leaving Money On The Table?

A shark kills and eats just about every thing in the ocean except the little pilot fish. The reason it does not eat a pilot fish is not because the pilot fish is poisonous or more agile, but it’s simply because they are in a relationship. 477 more words


Is the Customer always right, still?

Steve Jobs is famed to have said, the customer does not know what they want, so how can they be right. You create something wonderful, show it to the customer, and then they will want it. 544 more words


The danger of artificial stupidity

by J. Mark Bishop

It is not often that you are obliged to proclaim a much-loved international genius wrong, but in the alarming prediction made recently regarding Artificial Intelligence and the future of humankind, I believe Professor Stephen Hawking is. 2,642 more words


Gender Inequality in 2015: A Photo Essay

image via http://explorerwithanxiety.tumblr.com/post/106653711599

            There are multiple ways in which gender inequality runs rampant through the youth of today, though many of them are not as apparent as the issues that have been seen in past decades. 1,404 more words


The Mission

My brother, Tycen, is six years older than I am, and for obvious reasons, he did not want me tagging along with him and his friends when we were growing up. 967 more words


Notebook Defender

Hey MaHNGo!! I’m back with some story about my debating. Its not so fresh off of the tree because it happened like a month ago… So anyway, its short but please enjoy or whatever. 718 more words


Friday nonsense party fun time extravaganza

It’s been another busy week. I’m in fact meant to be doing some writing right now, but I’ve been at it for hours today, so I think its okay for me to get a bit of slack. 480 more words