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Only two drinks in...

and I already feel it. I’m afloat on the softest of waves. Drifting across an endless ocean toward a dimming horizon. Calm. So calm. And happy. 102 more words


I Like It Gruff: On Discovering the Jagged Perfection of Billy Hough

At the time of this writing, my relationship with the musical virtuosity of Billy Hough is limited to three experiences. But I think you only need one in order to understand the strange, affecting power he has. 511 more words


The Drama of Woman, Marriage &Transcendence

The Drama of Woman, Marriage & Transcendence

Written 05.24.15
from an essay I’m working on, “The Hair on Ripping”

  He tells me when it’s safe to eat: 258 more words

From "The Hair On Ripping" An Essay I Am Working On

The Hunger Games and Metaphysics

The Hunger Games, originally a novel written by Suzanne Collins, was adapted into a film released in 2012. The Hunger Games is a dystopian story that follows the life of young Katniss Everdeen. 1,311 more words

Mad Max: Fury Road

Why bother writing a review when IMDB’s plot keywords beats you to the punch?

australia | tyranny | guitar | woman kills a man |  798 more words


Oregon Writing Festival

Like I said, my 7th grade teacher was very encouraging of my writing. I sent in an essay and was accepted into the Oregon Writing Festival for the best student writers in the state. 64 more words

Judson Middle School

Rotary Club Essay Contest

Back in 7th grade, I hadn’t even heard of the Rotary. My English teacher, however, encouraged me to write as much as I wanted, which was quite a bit, and to do an essay contest or two. 45 more words

Judson Middle School