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My Summer Solstice in Review

As part of the requirements for my Dedicant’s Path course, I need to write essays reviewing eight observations festivals of the wheel of the year. 711 more words


"본래의" 전문용어에 대한 단상

어느 분야든 공부를 하다 보면 그 분야의 전문용어를 접하게 된다. 대개 그 용어는 두 가지로 표현된다. 하나는 우리말로 번역된 단어, 다른 하나는 <본래의> 영단어(혹은 기타 다른 언어의 단어)이다. 18 more words


Redefining Filipino Pride

Filipino? E di, wow.

Imagine if every time we Filipinos achieved a particular exploit, others would just shrug in apathy. Will it be because our estimable competencies are no longer a surprise to them, or because they are just used to us brandishing our achievements in their faces? 1,129 more words


Plants + Pots + Shit

J’s Note: I wrote this in May 2014.

Relationships are like flowers. Put them in a vase, water them and feed them plant food until they die. 140 more words


Lost Religion, Gained a Little Bit of Faith

*Venting: Reader discretion advised because I have more feelings than a Nina Simone song and none of it makes sense* 1,717 more words



I love my brother. May I always. Regardless of whatnot and whonot and whatever else…


It finally published

Surprisingly the book was published a lot faster then I thought. Here is the link:


If you are curious about the essay and if you do read it. 14 more words