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We have buckets, rooms, buildings and even seafulls of it. But are we content with this world of plastic? Industries, factories and homes are full of the prevailing material destroying our environment. 307 more words


Fantastic Queers & where to find them

Over the last eight years or so, I have dedicated hours, maybe even days, to trying to work out where the queer gene originated in our family. 633 more words


How did the credit crisis influence trade flows?

Over the last few decades, the world has been shocked by several financial and economic crises. The last one occurred comparatively long ago, but we still feel the consequences of that distress. 1,082 more words


all the muthafuggin butter.

When I was 15 the Army made me take an etiquette class because we were getting shipped off to Mexico to be a spy family and I was too rustic to eat in front of fancy people like Russians. 570 more words

Changing Time

Time does not always seem fluid; indeed it often seems to pause, especially when in the midst of an emergency. Some say that the adrenaline that overwhelms the body is the thing that makes it seem as if time moves slowly.

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Today was a good day. I gave all of myself. I think that was the key.

I work in college admissions at an art school. I meet with all kinds of prospective students. 282 more words

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My Dearest Friend,

Welcome to my world. It is a beautiful, lovely and amazing place. And I think You have been introduced in my world to make it an even better place. 340 more words

Letter To A Friend