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Baltimore City Is My Home

I have written before that I am a native of Baltimore, with long and strong roots in the state of Maryland.

The Baltimore you are witnessing on your news tonight is not… 1,194 more words


A Last Breath

Seething beneath the shadows of Mount Fuji is a sea of green. Fourteen miles of jagged volcanic land eaten away by dense forestry: blankets of moss, protruding roots, and leaves glistening with rain water. 891 more words


April Rogues Gallery, and a Few Thoughts on Weather and Photography


Well, not really.

If you look at a map for worldwide temperature variations, with “false color” reds and blues showing relatively hotter and relatively colder areas, most of the planet is running from pale pink to hot magenta. 362 more words


Factions and Class

(Originally posted on FetLife April 2015)

I remember the day in the 9th grade when my English teacher was talking to us about social classes.  There were the lower or working class, the middle or *bourgeois* class, and the uppper class, which was split into old money and… 822 more words


Teaching Photography

Teaching Photography by Philip Perkis

As I started to take photos as a hobby, I’ve got to think how I understand photographs and in what way I express my intents rather than technical skills on photo-taking. 480 more words

Philip Perkis

A Writing Center Poem

The pale desk
Scintillates in
The Bland lights
Which checker

The roof of an
Old schoolroom
Carpeted in
Gray and blue

Squares; coffee
Makers hum… 74 more words


Schrodinger's Baggage

(This post originally posted on FetLife on 4/27/2015)

There’s a thing I’ve heard said, when it comes to dating someone in his/her late 30s or older who has never been married or had any children: what’s wrong with them? 737 more words