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Canada's National Security Advisor Still Suspects Canadian Politicians Are Under Foreign Influence

Dear Mr. Harper, the number country spying in Canada is the USA, but it’s OK because it owns 85 % of the Canadian economy. So it’s more like having a security camera in your convenience store. 1,008 more words



TRUST? SILLY PEOPLE. | Tubularsock.

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May 2, 2015


Do you recall when Angela Merkel’s emails were the subject of hacking by the NSA? 526 more words


Intelligence Fail -- Hitler and a Most Important Intelligence Lesson

Bayard & Holmes

~ Jay Holmes

Prostitution may be the oldest profession, but spying is the second oldest. While no one knows when the first intelligence operative conveyed information to his government, historians can safely agree that spying dates as far back as the Iron Age. 1,275 more words


Russian Hackers Are Using Flaws in Flash and Windows to Hack other Governments

Researchers at computer security firm FireEye conclude that Russian hackers connected to the Government of Russia have been breaking into computer networks for the past seven years using highly advanced methods, are currently using simple flaws in Flash and Windows to carry out their espionage operations. 533 more words


AlienSpy: Java-based Hacking-as-a-Service Tool Shut Down After Years of Enterprise Hacking

AlienSpy. The name is a memorable one for many enterprises. If your business devices run on Windows, Linux, MAC OS X, or even Android, this will be of high interest to you. 590 more words


Beware The Honey Trap

As security practitioners, we are trained to be aware of our surroundings at all times while on the job. Well trained individuals should always be on guard for threats against our clients or our protected properties, but what happens when we, ourselves, become the target? 764 more words


White House Hacked, Possibly by Russians

Following the recent major State Department hack, it is now believed that the same group of (presumably Russian) hackers is behind an attack on the White House. 363 more words