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Cabezón is a rebel with language. He’s five, and after many hours of gentle coercion – guidance –  he still pronounces his th’s like f’s. … 708 more words


love what you do!!

Find what you love and do it!

Generally, we try to apply this saying to life, but right now I’m specifically talking about in your career. 356 more words

Prepare for Take-Off

February 28, 2015

I am writing this post on my phone as I sit at the gate. We board in 1 hour. Right outside the window is the big steel vessel that is going to fly us to a faraway land! 223 more words

365 Project (2015)

Beyond Test Scores: Students of South Korea

South Korean students are often lauded internationally for their exceptional test scores. Western countries like the United States and Sweden have discussed adopting a similar educational model to that of South Korea and Japan, which emphasizes rote memorization and long, arduous study hours. 877 more words


Tips for packing for China.

Well if you’re looking at this then congrats you’re joining hundreds of other foreigners making the trek to China. I’m going to offer some tips on how to pack that i think any first timer would appreciate. 1,381 more words

Give (Something) a Facelift

Idiom: Give (something) a facelift.

Meaning: To carry out improvements to make something look better.

Example: 38 more words


Ciao Bella 

I just arrived in Italy! I am wasting some time at the airport and relishing my 30 mins of free wifi while I wait for my companion to arrive. 779 more words