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英文文章內容 : 國際研討會建議(二)研究生英文編修出版投稿日報 4/21/2015

* 英文文章內容 : 國際研討會建議(二)
* 學術英文投稿教學影片 (457) 6 ways to write a bad scientific paper 566 more words

UK Election (2015) - A Guide for Non-Brits: Listening & Speaking Practice (B2+)

Hello all,

Given that the UK is soon to have its 2015 elections, I thought I would try to produce something topical and which could help students understand the election process a little better. 178 more words

Aprender Ingles

Me Write Pretty Someday...

We can (probably) all agree that English is a challenging language to learn. Oftentimes, even native speakers use the language improperly. Learning and properly using English as a second language poses a unique set of problems for the international student; compound the inherent difficulty of basic English with the nuances of academic language, and it is a wonder that ESL students don’t turn and run for the door. 622 more words


Finding My Passion

If you’ve followed this blog at all, or if you just read back a few posts, you’ll notice I was in the middle of starting a new job last year. 608 more words


Difference between DO and MAKE | Woodward English

There are so many excellent resources available on the internet when you get confused about something in English.  Instead of opening your translate program, try a Google search for whatever is strange.   98 more words


Attend Word of Mouth this Week

Word of Mouth is a weekly conversation group for international students. You can talk with native English speakers to improve

  • Spoken fluency
  • Cultural awareness
  • Social interaction…
  • 10 more words
UNT Writing Lab

Choosing a Recruiting Agency

Hello everybody!

Now that I’ve become a bit more settled into my new Korean life, I thought it would be a good time to start writing posts also geared toward prospective South Korean ESL teachers.  2,080 more words