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Literary analysis

In my private tutoring, I have come across several students for whom literature is a required element of their course, or just a general interest of theirs. 113 more words


Debates: The Scientific World

Debates are always good for getting a mixed-level group talking. Even the most nervous of students can get quite competitive about a subject they feel passionate about, and miraculously find that their levels of English allow them to argue very effectively! 256 more words


Vocabulary for Science - Numbers and Measurements

  1. Knowing how to say or read numbers aloud in English is an essential skill for scientists, and something that often goes unpractised once learners go past a basic level.
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Sample lesson and worksheet: the Mars Mission

The Mars Mission is a project to establish a human civilisation on Mars. Although there has been much scepticism with regards to the project, according to the company behind the mission, Mars One, over 200,000 people applied for the ‘golden ticket’. 222 more words


Games: 15-20 minute fillers

One of the things I found the most difficult when I first started teaching was managing the time in my lessons, and more often than not I found that I went too fast.  623 more words


Welcome to C'est Jenny!

So what’s it all about?

After having recently given my last lesson after two years as a lectrice at the University of Nice in the South of France (sob sob), I thought it would be a shame not to do something with all of the resources I have amassed during my time here. 193 more words


Tongue twister: "ch" sound

Think about how frequently the “ch” sound is used in English. It can occur in the beginning of a word (example: chip), end of a word (example: lunch) or both (example: church). 555 more words