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Have you ever seen INSANITY where you later saw CREATIVITY?

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I think we have all fallen into that trap, were really quick to call someone or something crazy and later  realized they were just completely misunderstood and were in fact really brilliant. 215 more words


Wouldn’t it be NICE to be BETTER than anyone else at something, PURELY because YOU are NICE!

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This is an interesting concept and something I am really hot on at the moment in terms of the future of business, learning, management and almost anything you could think of. 271 more words


A New York Story; Cultural Exchange Project

Recently, here at the British Institute of Rome, we’ve been enjoying a cultural and linguistic ‘Exchange Programme’ with English students in New York, USA, in which the learners have established ‘pen-friend’ style relationships with peers across the Atlantic. 25 more words

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Ways to Express What You Like in American English

Probably the first thing you want to be able to say in English is what you like. Talking about things you like is part of everyday conversations, business meetings and school. 321 more words

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'Seeker of Truth'; e.e. cummings

This short offering by the much-loved American poet e.e. Cummings really captured my attention. It fits snugly into the notion of ‘ethical efl’ and can serve as a five-minute filler to stir the thoughts of some higher-level learners. 18 more words

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Tagore and the Principles of Tuition

Among other ideas and principles, Rabindranath Tagore emphasized the following methods of teaching:

(1) Teaching through tours and trips:

Tagore believed that the subjects like history, geography, economics and other social sciences could be effectively taught through excursions and tours to important spots. 153 more words

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