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Escargot...on the lamb...

Do you ever notice the small things in life? The dewdrops on the grass? The snail slithering around?

Who would ever have thought taking puppies out for a bathroom break would yield such treasures? 62 more words

Word of the day for Friday, March 20th

Benny was hammering away at a thing the other day when I took a look at the package of fancy nails he was using. “Escutcheon nails,” I said. 91 more words


Hunger Hazard

One man’s disgusting gastropod is another girl’s dinner. Personally, I would not consider snails appropriate foodstuffs or riding mounts. But then again, I’m not a stick person.


Swimsuit Styles|Boys Edition

After finding some amazing girls swimsuits, I had to show you some cute boy swim shorts! Your kiddo will be rockin’ in these fun + hip shorts. 33 more words


Snack time at Cafe Tiga Tjeret in Solo Indonesia, coffee and...

Snack time at Cafe Tiga Tjeret in Solo Indonesia, coffee and grilled tripe/squid/snail combo…and spicy chicken rice.

Escargot are go

Do you love French food? Of course you do, but we want to know if you really love French food. If you will stand by your love and affection for Gallic cuisine and enjoy everything that the country has to offer. 541 more words