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When Snails Attack . . . And When They Don't

Among garden pests, I think snails and slugs might be the cutest of the bunch.  Who would think these roly-poly little slimy creatures with stalks for eyes could be such a dangerous predator of your hostas and roses?  1,967 more words


Visiting Paris........

Today, we visit Museum of D’orsay and O’rangerie which some of the less known museums than say the Louvre Museum; yet they still had a fantastic collection including Monet and Picasso.  243 more words

Die Schweiz und Frankreich

Ich hab vergessen, dass der 17. Mai wir nach die Schweiz gefahren haben. Wir hätten nicht viel Zeit, aber wir aßen ein teureres Abendessen am Rhein. 972 more words


SOUFFLE! - Learning Dirty Week 2: The Start

Growing up in rural(ish) Arkansas, usually the only option we had for dinner was what meat and which 3 veggies you were getting that night.  Branching out and “getting fancy” by trying new recipes (especially if it had a French sounding name) was seen as a ridiculous waste of time and effort when the same-old was just as good as it was yesterday and the day before.   382 more words

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