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sweet isle of secret seas
where sirens of odyssey
lifted songs on the breeze
long before came Tiberius
taking his rest of imperium

ever since have millennia… 119 more words


Chicago City of Learning Young Author Playlist: BREAK OUT

The following work is the result of an eight-week collaboration with The Chicago City of Learning Young Author Playlist and Hypertext Studio Writing Center. An excerpt of this work is also featured on… 745 more words


Escape from Kathmandu

Several years back I read a cautionary tale WHICH I WISH I COULD REMEMBER THE NAME OF about a man who, through a series of small moral compromises which seem justifiable at the time, ends up sliding into fascism. 561 more words

Stuck until thought otherwise

stuck in something created,
escape admits failure.
strength builds upon fault
to which imagination exaggerates.


The Power of a Good Novel

As a recent college graduate (hey hey I actually did it and promise to type up more about it throughout some upcoming posts), I realize that I now have all of this free time on my hands. 300 more words


The Greatest Escape From Our Selves

Granted, our smart phones have become indispensable-but at what cost? Studies show the average person spends 90 minutes a day on their phone. That amounts to 23 days a year and almost 4 years of our lives. 524 more words