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IDS Hiding Poverty Statistics until After the Election

Benefits and Work have this story, IDS hides poverty statistics until after the election, reporting that the Tories do not intend to publish the true figures on how people have been affected by their welfare reforms until after the election. 160 more words


How Low Can I Go?

One and a half hours left of my night shift. I’m not sure how much longer I can stay awake; my concentration is drifting away in many directions, my eyes twitchy and sore, but I have to do this. 491 more words


ExoMars mission is set for launch in 2018

The European Space Agency’s ExoMars mission is set for launch in 2018.  A rover and a lander are included, to search for evidence of past and present life on Mars.  81 more words

06. The Terrestrial Planets: Earth, Moon, And Their Relatives

Long Before it Captured a Comet, Rosetta Caught These Views of Mars

These days the world is looking in awe at the incredible images of comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko from ESA’s Rosetta spacecraft. But it took Rosetta over ten years to arrive at the comet, during which time it got some great views of other worlds in our Solar System as well: … 172 more words


Cold caller alert for European Settlement Associates from Madrid

A new cold calling Mediation Company has been spotted by the name of European Settlement Associates.

This company claims to be based in Madrid at Calle de Codo 15, Planta 15, Officina 4, Madrid, 28071 and is using as contact number… 382 more words


The Story So Far

So I have started this blog and it is only fair to say what has happened to me so far in my life in relation to benefits. 685 more words