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Baby Satski at Two Months

Baby Satski is two months old! He now weighs 17.4 pounds (above 95th percentile) and measures 24.5 inches long (only 1 foot away from being able to ride roller coasters!). 882 more words

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Baby Satski's Library

Here’s how we decided to build out Baby Satski’s library in his room. I got the inspiration from Pepper Design Blog and bought the acrylic shelves from… 101 more words

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Harlem World by Jon Ouye

I knew before going into the hospital to deliver Baby Satski that I wanted our friend Jon Ouye to come take some pictures of our new family together on our first day. 85 more words

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The Story Behind the Blanket

I posted a monthly status of Baby Satski last week and in it he’s lying on a blanket. 

I love the Pendleton story behind the blanket so I wanted to share it here: 148 more words

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Baby Satski at One Month

Baby Satksi is officially one month old! And what a month it’s been. He’s slowly getting used to being in this world, and I’m slowly getting used to having my life completely turned upside down. 1,020 more words

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Portraits of Baby Satski by Kirk Sato

My brother-in-law came up from San Diego a few weeks ago to meet his new nephew. He brought his fancy camera along and took these beautiful photos of Baby Satski at 4 and 5 days old that I’ll cherish forever.    9 more words

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My Pregnancy Essentials

With my pregnancy now behind me, here are my thoughts on what was most essential.

Maternity Wear

I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on such a temporary wardrobe, so I stocked up on basic maternity items and discovered that a lot of my regular oversized tops, cardigans and dresses worked with my belly. 573 more words

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