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Baby Shower at Russell's School

Our 4th, yes 4th, baby shower was hosted by Russell’s colleagues. They showered us with gifts, love, and advice at a restaurant near their school. The students signed this sweet and funny card for Russell.  69 more words

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Maternity Leave Week 1

I’ve officially been on maternity leave for one week. I thought I’d get bored, but the week went by surprisingly fast! Basically I’ve been sleeping and eating a lot, running errands, going to yoga or on long walks everyday and just indulging in this time of rest. 415 more words

Erynn Im-Sato

What Russell Wore, What Erynn Read

What Russell Wore: 

  • Kangol hat
  • Long fishtail tank top made by Russ
  • Vintage flannel altered by Russ
  • French military pants altered by Russ
  • Ring from Thailand…
  • 519 more words
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Building Satksi's Library

I mentioned in the last post about my work baby shower that my colleagues gifted me with their favorite childhood books to help us build Satski’s library. 208 more words

Erynn Im-Sato

Baby Shower at Chronicle Books

One of my managers threw me a baby shower at work last week. If you haven’t noticed by now, Chronicle Books knows how to party.  I feel like an exceptionally spoiled pregnant lady. 98 more words

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Maternity Shoot Outtakes

Here are some outtakes from our maternity photo shoot that I shared with you on Tuesday.  You can be loving for only so long.   But first let me take a selfie.    45 more words

Erynn Im-Sato

Maternity Photo Shoot at Sutro Baths

Our friends Stacius and Jean took us out for a fun maternity photo shoot session at Sutro Baths in San Francisco. We were cracking up the whole time, outtakes to come later this week. 33 more words

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