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The Story Behind the Blanket

I posted a monthly status of Baby Satski last week and in it he’s lying on a blanket. 

I love the Pendleton story behind the blanket so I wanted to share it here: 148 more words

Erynn Im-Sato

Baby Satski at One Month

Baby Satksi is officially one month old! And what a month it’s been. He’s slowly getting used to being in this world, and I’m slowly getting used to having my life completely turned upside down. 1,020 more words

Erynn Im-Sato

Portraits of Baby Satski by Kirk Sato

My brother-in-law came up from San Diego a few weeks ago to meet his new nephew. He brought his fancy camera along and took these beautiful photos of Baby Satski at 4 and 5 days old that I’ll cherish forever.    9 more words

Erynn Im-Sato

My Pregnancy Essentials

With my pregnancy now behind me, here are my thoughts on what was most essential.

Maternity Wear

I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on such a temporary wardrobe, so I stocked up on basic maternity items and discovered that a lot of my regular oversized tops, cardigans and dresses worked with my belly. 573 more words

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Baby Satski's Newborn Photo Shoot

While we were in the hospital, a photographer came around to our room and offered to take some photos of Baby Satski. She somehow transformed the foot of the hospital bed to a professional backdrop and captured these precious moments of Baby Satski at 2 days old.                                                                {Our little wild thing}


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Maternity Leave Week 2

Going back in time a little bit to show you how I spent my 2nd week of maternity leave, right before giving birth. I think I’ll always cherish this time as my last few days of freedom and a time when I truly found peace within myself. 492 more words

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My Birth Story

This is an intimate post about my birth story that I want to document and share. Feel free to skip over the gory details and let me summarize by saying my labor started out easy, progressed to difficult, then baby was born healthy and beautiful. 1,277 more words

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