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About pages in Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla has hidden various configuration and diagnostic information in its internal about pages. Some of the important about pages are ,

1. About:Mozilla
This page contains a verse from the Book of Mozilla.This was first introduced in 1994. 135 more words

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Dive Deep into CPP: Abstract Class and Pure Virtual Function

Pure virtual function are virtual function with no definition.


virtual void func()=0;

Class with atleast one pure virtual is made as abstract class. Classes that inherit the abstract class must provide the definition to the pure virtual function.

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Dive Deep into CPP: Copy Constructor

Copy Constructor is usually invoked by passing reference to the old object of a class to a newly created object of the same class. Compiler by default provide a copy constructor to a class even if you didnt provide one. 114 more words

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Dive Deep into CPP: Types of collaboration between classes

Message to self.Calling m1 from m2 where they are the methods of the same class. Preferred relationship is “has-a “.We will be using “this” keyword for invocation. 195 more words

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Dive Deep into CPP : Constructors

You can use constructor with initialization list in addition to the default ways. You cant use initialization list with arrays,list, vector etc. Also static variables cant be initialized using this method. 210 more words

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Dive Deep into CPP : Inheritance and Access Specifier

When a class inherits a base class with private variables, private variable is also inherited but it is invisible to the derived class. We can access the private variables using the public setter and getter method implemented in the base class. 27 more words

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Deep Dive into CPP: Type Casting operators

(int) x – c style casting
int(x) – cpp style
static_cast<int>x – new cpp style looks like a template casting.

C style casting is always dangerous.

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