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“The bicycle is a curious vehicle. Its passenger is its engine.”

Earlier, when I let Gracie out, I followed her to the deck. The air smelled sweet the way it does on a chilly spring morning. The sun was shining but soon went behind a cloud. 389 more words


Making your own schedule.

Being recently laid off I’ve had time to get other areas of my life together. There was so much to take care of that you just don’t think about when you’re working the 9-5 schedule. 410 more words


Gettin' 'er done: Part 2 of 2

A few more examples of the adventures I have trying to get around in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe:

To get rides home to my host family’s house for the weekend (I usually have a ride home with one coworker but on days when she has to leave early or doesn’t work I make other arrangements): talk to one coworker about when the Centre’s vehicle is dropping off people, find out the vehicle is leaving late and might be full, GET A RIDE WITH THEM ANYWAY sitting in the truck box with a few other people and all our bags… or… Ask one of my coworkers for a ride and find out she has to drop her kids off all over the place and can’t take me, ask another coworker for a ride, find out she’s leaving in 30 minutes, chase her down the driveway because she forgot me, ride along as we drop other people off, GET A RIDE HOME. 183 more words

Day off

I took the day off, I have some meetings today. Want to be fresh and feel good when I attend. If I had been working with this cold, I wouldn’t be all that fresh for the meetings. 188 more words


The best laid plans

I have always made lists. On paper, tablets, the back of envelopes.  Now on my phone which merges to my computer.  Lists for plans for the day, for grocery stores, for chores, basically anything that that requires me to remember something. 195 more words

This week on foot and bike, or how I said we wouldn't go anywhere ever again

I am so glad to be doing what we need to do on foot and bike this week. I feel like I’ve spent way too much time in the car lately. 459 more words

All Around The World Errands (Day 5) pt. 2

Okay, now that i’ve had an adequate amount of sleep to decide on a plan, I now have all the necessary paperwork and my photo to go along with my application for Saturday’s interview.  258 more words

Graduate Life