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simplifying the simple

i was tempted to write this on my other blog but then… i don’t think there’s a real need. i think i might as well consider it dead, it just complicates things. 591 more words

Oh Whachai Saiy

I Apologize

I apologize.

I apologize for all the emptiness.

Emptiness everywhere on this site.


There has been nothing new for a while.


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Accept and Forget...

First of all can we just take a minute to not appreciate people who bash other people’s music taste? I mean how rude is that? Also the type of people who think you’re wrong because you don’t like the music they like, what the hell is the problem? 157 more words


I tried pulling an all-nighter

but I can’t do this anymore… T^T

I’m going to bed… but before that a brief summary of today:

Woke up really early and frantically prepared for a presentation that I ended up mostly bs-ing which kind of sucked but that doesn’t matter because I got a 95 out of 100 on it,  148 more words

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