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A First with Screenshot Collecting

One of things I like to do while questing in DDO and Neverwinter Nights II is to take screenshots of my various quest runs.  For those of you that I have read my Monday and Friday blog posts, which detail my quest runs for the weekend and the week, you can get that impression.  394 more words

Character Profile-Erdrique Hauksness

One of the things I have been doing on a somewhat regular basis is to profile enemies or monsters.  I started to do this as a way to enhance and add to the information provided in the… 731 more words

The Last Stand-A Fun Battle Royal

I find the Red Fens to be a rather interesting area with some fun quests.  The heroic version of the quests in the Red Fens are base level 9, which is what Erdrique (Level 12 Rogue) is currently working on now.  480 more words

Pondering Situations in The Graverobber

One of things I like to wonder about is lore and connections between the enemies we encounter in our various quest during our character’s adventuring careers.  394 more words

So What is the Deal With the Mudwallow Ogres?

Awhile back I took a very quick and cursory look at the various clans and tribes of ogres in DDO.  I later then wondered about how close the… 298 more words

Thoughts on the Bounty Hunter

Awhile back, I took Erdrique (Level 12 Rogue, although he was level 10 at the time) through the quest The Bounty Hunter.  This particular quest is level 6 on normal, making it a level 8 on elite.  445 more words

Short Weekend, Quest Runs June 19th to June 21st

Looking back at my quest runs from the weekend before last (because I’m still working on catching back up), I worked on completing some of the more intriguing quests in DDO, at least to me.  679 more words