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Stopping Some Corruption-The Sharn Syndicate

Over the weekend, I took Erdrique (Level 6 Rogue) through the quest chain, The Sharn Syndicate.  The Sharn Syndicate is a low level quest chain, level 4 on normal, with all of its quests located in the… 741 more words

A Rare Encounter with Rare Encounters

I find the Wildnerness/Explorer areas of DDO to be fun and quite interesting.  Some are much more interesting than others, but overall I try to maximize out all of the experience from these areas including reaching the maximum number of slayers, finding all explorers, and taking out all of the rare encounters.  477 more words

Spending Some Time in the Jungle, Quest Runs April 6th to April 9th

As I took a look back the at quest runs I made this week, I realized that I had a number of runs that occurred in the wilds of… 659 more words

Daily Dice Roll Jackpot!!

Well, yesterday I did something I haven’t done yet with Erdrique.  I hit the daily dice silver roll jackpot :).  Sure enough, I rolled a 100 and received a 1,500 experience token and 35 astral shards.  50 more words

So Who Would Work for a Troglodyte?

I just took Erdrique (Level 5 Rogue) through the quest The Depths of Despair.  The interesting thing about all of the Depths quests in House Deneith is that they seem to have quite a diversity of monsters strewn throughout.  373 more words

Having Some Fun with the Meteoric Star Ruby Augment

I haven’t gathered too many named augments since they have been introduced however a fellow guildie bought a Meteoric Star Ruby Augment for me and I couldn’t wait to hit level 4 to put it in a red slot of a Cannith Crafted quarterstaff.  171 more words

So How Frustrating is That....

This past weekend, I was looking forward to leveling up Erdrique to level 3.  This would be the first level that I would be able to use some Cannith Challenge Gear, in particular the… 311 more words