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Having Some Fun with Turn Undead

With my two accounts, I have two clerics currently, Wapoyei (Level 23/Divine Crusader) and Containment (Level 6).  I also completed a cleric life with Erdrique… 509 more words

Limited Questing Over the Weekend, Runs from May 15th to May 17th

Unlike the previous weekend, this past weekend was relatively light on the questing side of things for me in DDO.  This was primarily because of two reasons.  420 more words

Wondering About the Shades of Insanity

Recently, I took Erdrique (Level 9 Rogue) through the quest Chamber of Insanity.  The Chamber of Insanity is one of those stable level 5 quests that is completed to help obtain House Kundarak Favor.  563 more words

The Joy of Upgrading Gear

Over the weekend, Erdrique (Rogue) hit level 9 :).  For me, this meant some updating to my gear.  Up to this point I was using basically Cannith Crafted +3 stat items, +7 Cannith Crafted spot and search items, a Cannith Crafted pair of feather falling boots, a Cannith Crafted cloak of +3 protection, a Cannith Crafted +3 resistance trinket, and some Cannith Crafted leather armor.  644 more words

Sweeping Strike is Just Fun

So far I have enjoyed playing Erdrique (Level 9) through this life as a thief-acrobat rogue.  One of the more fun aspects for me so far has been obtaining and using the enhancement, Sweeping Strike.  260 more words

What a Lazy Party!!

The other day I took Erdrique (Level 9 Rogue) through the rest of the House Deneith Depth Quests.  These quests are pretty much a staple for beginning adventurers to play through.  530 more words

Whoops...Time to Start Over

At the beginning of this weekend, one of the things my guildmate and I wanted to knock out was the Necropolis I set of quests: … 426 more words