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French Baguettes and Boulangerie Class

So after having done the macaron class with La Cuisine de Paris a couple of weeks ago with my mum my friend said she was keen to do a class there too so we opted for a savoury one this time (very unusual for me as I am renowned for my sweet tooth!) The aim of this class was to produce baguettes and fougasses (the French version of focaccia basically!) 913 more words

It would appear that we are already a quarter of the way through 2015....

Good morning/day/afternoon/evening/night all,

I must first apologise for the sheer neglect I have shown to this blog to my avid and abundant followers (of which I have 7). 511 more words

A Picturesque City

Taking a stroll with my Nikon camera today, these are the photos that I took. I have realised that compositions, colours and just the general environment changes and whenever I go out without my camera, I wish I had it. 111 more words

Erasmus In Venice

Ashcroft International Business School - Cambridge (UK)

ERASMUS Semester – January 2011 to June 2011
Grade: 67% (i.e. 2.1 or 14/20)

Marketing and Management Courses:

  • Marketing Communications: assignment on the Magners brand…
  • 15 more words
Product & Project Marketing

Murano - The Island of Glass

There is only one thing that I know about glass, and that is that I drink from one everyday.

Venice is full of glass and visiting the Glass Museum on the Island Murano helped me to understand why. 985 more words

Erasmus In Venice

"Roast cockerel with its meat juice"

I hate to laugh, but some of the meal titles that the catering company at my work come up with in English are hilarious. I might start documenting them all so that I can put a little ‘Bad Translations’ book together at the end of my internship. 13 more words

I could forever take photos in this place


The colours.

The light.

What they make together.

To be continued… 38 more words