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April is Looking Up!

April started optimistically for me. I was looking forward to CampNaNoWriMo, I didn’t have many doctors appointments scheduled, nor anything else complicated. And I wrote a lot for the first few days. 726 more words

Adios McDreamy, It’s been a pleasure:

Ok, I will start by saying I have a love affair with Grey’s Anatomy. I’ve watched every episode, binge watched seasons on Netflix until 2am on a work night and have completely fallen in love with so many of the great characters that have come and gone from the show over the course of 11 seasons. 1,344 more words

Life Happens

Pharmacy Emergencies

In a retail pharmacy there are no real emergencies in terms of patient prescriptions. We do try our best to fill your prescription(s) as quickly and safely as possible. 393 more words

Common Sense

Deeply Scarred by a Raccoon

As dusk came the sky was a heavy mixture of black and large slowly counter-clockwise rotating swirls of light gray. It was a gradual transition to darkness with the larger stars coming into view just one or two at a time, which were easily visible through the leafless branches of the April Cherry trees and Tulip Poplars. 1,243 more words

Life Review

Tramadol Reaction

So this post is meant to inform anyone interested in my reaction to the pain medication tramadol. I should have never been prescribed this medication, let alone twice! 830 more words


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