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The Best Author You've Never Read Vol. 6 : Michael Crichton

I’m not sure if he belongs, because you’ve probably read him…but not lately. With the latest installment of Jurassic Park looming on the horizon of this summer’s blockbuster movie line-up, it might be time to go back and re-read the books that spawned the movies. 915 more words


Time for a Treatment Change

After deciding surgery was my next best option to fight MBC, before I knew it I was in Boston.  I was scared and nervous, not sure what to expect for the future and part of me very angry because cancer was taking something else away from me.  1,052 more words

Moore Fight Moore Strong

ER Postmodernist "Chaplain" Cannot Give Answers Dying Man Needs

I find it very sad that most mainline seminaries, such as Princeton and Union Theological, have become peddlers of postmodernist drivel. In the show ER, they apparently show one patient completely frustrated with the lack of answers such a worldview provides. 249 more words


24 Hours In The ER

Friday morning I woke up and noticed my eye felt a bit weird and wouldn’t open as wide as it usually does. I looked in the mirror and saw that my left eyelid was drooping and my pupil seemed smaller. 3,377 more words

Linda Cardellini on a Freaks and Geeks reunion, Mad Men and new Netlfix series Bloodline

Linda Cardellini was 23 when she sign on to play the teenage Lindsay Weir on NBC’s Freaks and Greaks, but even 15 years later, the star of Netflix’s new series Bloodline still gets recognized for her role in the Judd Apatow single season series. 1,212 more words


March 28, 2015 - Week 27 (Surprise Saturday Letter)

Hey friends! I guess this email is just a quick tag on from my essay from last week :)

Yes, it’s Saturday, we had to switch P-days because my companion has a doctor’s appointment on Monday in Belgium. 473 more words

Monthly Updates

E.R. - Chapter 1 - The Surprise

A/N: Yes, I know you’re expecting an update for PBMLW or MaMS, or even for BCWMH Extended. But there are so many stories lined up in my laptop and I felt that I should at least, release one chapter for one of those stories, so that I’ll be forced to write more updates for the other current stories so I can finish one soon. 2,481 more words