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Legos plus noses don't mix

This week my son jammed a Lego up his nose and got it stuck. We call this progress! Progress, you may ask? That does;t sound very positive. 1,203 more words

John Doe Part 3

Finally “they” have decided that I am too sick to be sent home. They can’t risk me running around “humping Petunias”. The doctor with apocalyptic face delivers this news with charm of a man about to hang himself. 415 more words


Make It Stop!

If you’ve ever seen an author interviewed I can almost guarantee one question they will be asked. They will be asked: ‘Where do you get your ideas?’ 353 more words


I have been reading over my notes from my illness because I shared some of them with the ER doctor.  It seems that I have been slowly going downhill months before the crash. 684 more words


trip to the ER for several more weeks

So I ended up in the ER after all of my efforts to try to avoid it.  I woke at 6am with severe pain in my stomach, my chest where the ribs meet, and under the right rib.   319 more words



It’s Five Minute Friday time again. Each week a single word is given and then it is open to anyone to write on for 5 minutes and then share that with others. 273 more words


Sometimes it IS all about me

i was doing great till Sunday around 10 pm. It was at the time my body decided to say fuck it all….literally. Apparently it decided that it didn’t like what I ate for like the entire weekend. 303 more words