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Adjusting Strides

I read a really interesting article a couple of weeks ago, but haven`t had chance to experiment with it until this week.

The article was abut the importance of leg yielding when showjumping. 819 more words


Horse shows and stables big part of life of riders

Mallory Cooper
The Nest Reporter

Most people at Fuqua could list the starting line-up of the varsity football team, or name all of the players on the basketball teams, but one thing people here don’t know much about are the equestrians. 816 more words

Fuqua School

Feathery Feathers

As I was driving out of the yard last week I saw a livery come back from the hack on her Mum`s Dales pony. He is jet black, and gleams like polished ebony. 466 more words

Stable Management

Quotes of the day

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I feel like these quotes are relevant to all equestrians :)

Have a good day, don’t forget to smile! :)

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A Star is Born by Sable Hamilton

Scouted by stunt riders during a barrel-racing contest in her hometown, 13-year-old Kami Cooper comes to train at Stardust Stables with only the best of teachers. 361 more words


Reverse Psychology

I realized that when working with horses reverse psychology tends to work pretty well on them.

For example back when I rode Warren, in this one lesson, he kept swapping his leads across the center of the arena to his more favorable one, the left lead.   617 more words


Sunny Days

Hi there!

Today is the last day from my week off, really not looking forward to going back to school! :( How was your week? 86 more words