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Part 1//Why having horses is nothing like having dogs// Keeping horses alive is hard

I’ve been super sick, so i don’t aim to organize this well and my point is liable to get lost here or there. But, as per my usual, I promise to get wherever it is that I am going. 1,111 more words


Goals for the Show...and the future...

I’m going to a show this weekend and I decided to list out all of my goals for the show (and for the future as well!).   315 more words


An Attempted Show Prep Lesson

The show is coming up next week and I’m riding Pepperoni in 2′ class (no flatting for him lol).  I’m borrowing a show jacket and I’m not sure what to do about the show shirt yet and my calves are too fat for the tall boots that I… 551 more words


I've got a bit of a dilemma...

And some of you may not like it… My dilemma is that I am debating whether or not to continue writing this blog. I’ve got many reasons for thinking about stopping this and for weeks now I have had loads of different thoughts run through my mind. 353 more words

Phase four

“It’s okay,” they said, “we understand that sometimes you have to go to phase four.”  Prince and I got a workout in last week, and I had some questions.  1,109 more words

Riding Around...

Adjusting Strides

I read a really interesting article a couple of weeks ago, but haven`t had chance to experiment with it until this week.

The article was abut the importance of leg yielding when showjumping. 819 more words


Horse shows and stables big part of life of riders

Mallory Cooper
The Nest Reporter

Most people at Fuqua could list the starting line-up of the varsity football team, or name all of the players on the basketball teams, but one thing people here don’t know much about are the equestrians. 816 more words

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