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A late (but better than never) sex positive Valentine's Day post.

Things tend to get a little sexier around Valentine’s Day, so let’s try to make it as positive as we can! So what is sex positivity exactly? 880 more words


Pay Inequality

Men have always been preferred over women, especially in the workforce. Women have a harder time getting jobs, get paid less, etc. Women are paid 22% less than men are paid. 106 more words



A bold and scary word isn’t it?

In the past year I have heard this word on television, on the radio, in school, in the papers, on social media…. 284 more words


Woman Yes, Girl No

Although we were young, in our teens and twenties, we were not girls. We were women — young women who felt and understood the gross inequality between the sexes, with women required to perform the mind-numbing drudgery of cooking, cleaning, shopping, laundry, and care-giving, practically from cradle to grave. 589 more words


Creativity - a force for social change.

Since studying Geography at Exeter University, I have taken a real interest in gender, sexuality and equality. Therefore, when I came across an article that discussed the new engagement advertisement for… 560 more words




A word that gave me much thought when I was in my Soc. Stratification class. Majority of our studies surrounded feminist perspectives. I must say, at one point of my life I was a feminist a believed that women should be equal to men in the United States. 337 more words


Damned if you do and damned if you don't when it comes to being an English sports fan.

I’ll admit that I’m writing this whilst a bit angry. I’ll admit that I’m writing this on the back of the English Rugby team’s loss today. 1,414 more words