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You Say It Everyday Anyway

Great video from Ben & Jerry’s

Give someone a chance to love who they love

Make a YES really count


"Silence hides Violence"

The internationally known “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes” event took place in Beirut, for the first time in the Middle East this past Sunday. 62 more words

Human Rights

Free the Nipple - bit of a funny campaign ? Or maybe not....

When it comes to people campaigning about equal rights, human rights and things like that, you would think that in the free parts of the world that at least people would have the chance to expressed their views without getting abused… It seems from a quick look at this article that sadly some lovely young women have been getting ‘trolled’ and abused online for doing just that – not awfully gentlemanly of those males involved really, I would have thought… Oh well, maybe they will be tracked down one by one for laws broken in particular countries – thankfully that does happen I hear… 77 more words


I was listening to Hugh Hewitt the other day on the Townhall Review podcast, and near the end of the show he touched upon an interesting topic.  401 more words


Equality: Earth Without Borders

I spent half of my day applying for government assistance today. It was a long and boring process, but by the end of my stay, it was worth the boredom. 441 more words


Same sex marriage in Ireland ❤️🍊🌼🐢🚘😈

(Picture credit: Ellie HallorAn

So, like in many countrys(?), Ireland has a ban(?) on same sex couples getting married. There is of course the civil union, but how romantic does that sound? 435 more words

Stand up.

I am gay.

As I write this post, I become overwhelmed, without even venturing too far into my own thoughts, fears, wishes, wants and hopes. I will try my best to articulate my feelings however difficult and scary. 810 more words