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Equal Rights Aren't Wrong

As a devout Christian, topics such as equal rights for something I know to be against my truth can be agonizing for me. I believe every single word in the Bible to be absolute truth. 239 more words

A responce letter to an anonymous and gutless person who wrote a marriage equality complaint letter

To the anonymous and gutless person who wrote a marriage equality complaint letter,

You are aware that the Meadow Boutique shop in Bendigo placed a sign in their window stating This Business Supports Marriage Equality. 608 more words


Oh, Happy Day!

Most couples have one wedding anniversary. Lora and I, like thousands of our LGBT peers around the United States, have a few more dates to celebrate. 841 more words

Marriage Equality

Christianity and the World

Last Friday, the Supreme Court made history by ruling that denying homosexuals the right to get married was unconstitutional.

Social media exploded.

Everyone has an opinion on this topic. 1,487 more words


Nearly the Halfway Point

I’ll be 20 weeks on Thursday. I’ve already reached the point where strangers ask how far along I am.

Not sure what happened, but somewhere around 16/17 weeks, I suddenly started looking pregnant. 588 more words


Hooray for the Supreme Court

So it’s not often that I feel inspired to post about something that makes me happy, so I’m taking that opportunity now with both hands. 262 more words

Wrong Way

OK, that’s enough.

Don’t make me come over there and smack you.

I understand you’re excited and all. The Supreme Court has been amazing lately. Friday’s decision on marriage equality is worth celebrating, and so are several others from this session. 358 more words