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NAWD Impressions: A Report From the Rally at San Diego Mesa College

NAWD at Mesa College was a consciousness raising event. 150 or so (maybe 200) students and professors showed up on a sunny San Diego day, at possibly the warmest location on campus, at noon, in direct sunlight, to hear and speak about the adjunct crisis in higher education. 330 more words

The Ones Who Walk Away: #NAWD

I read a story, when I was an undergraduate taking a course on the American short story, called “The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas,” 1,500 more words

Patricia Arquette And The Fight For Equal Pay

In her acceptance speech for best supporting actress, for Boyhood, Patricia Arquette cited the fact that women, despite our incredible advancements, are still paid… 281 more words


The Numbers Support Patricia Arquette, Not Her Critics (And They Indicate a Truth about “Right to Work” as Well)

Patricia Arquette is being slammed from both the Left and the Right for her comments during and after her acceptance speech for the Academy Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role. 290 more words


Patricia Arquette Speaks Up for Women at the 87th Annual Academy Awards

Please see the release of this story on WiLab!

Regardless of your income, regardless of your race, regardless of your gender; you have the freedom in America to voice your opinion. 455 more words


‘Pay for Sloth!’ – A Reality Check from the Developing World

‘Equal pay for equal work’ is a chorus which has been echoing across the world for quite some time now. While some individuals are not paid as much as their counterparts due to ascriptive factors like gender, race, caste, place of birth, mother tongue and so forth; some others, languish behind being victims of favoritism. 315 more words


NAWD Action Item: Show This to Your Students

Use this video of Stacy Patton, one of the few journalists covering one of the most important stories of our time, the adjunctification of higher education, as part of your NAWD actions. 183 more words