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Do Flies Go to Heaven? Hart, Feser, and Maximus

David Bentley Hart and Edward Feser have been at it again (here, here, here, and here), this time with regard to question of whether animals (and other parts of non-human creation) will be redeemed and sustained in the eschaton. 1,098 more words

Eastern Orthodoxy

Social Epistemology

The SEP entry on social epistemology has been revised. Things have come along way since Chris, Alvin and I got EPISTEME going. What’s conspicuously missing is that aside from Hutchins, this revision hasn’t assimilated the “situated” cognition or social externalism (Hayek — … 40 more words

Social Epistemology

Plato's Spiritual Epistemology: The Nature and Result of Contemplation in the Writings of Plato

The following post is more substantial and lengthy than usual. I may have gotten carried away. I make no apologies, however. :)

After reading John Peter Kenney’s… 4,475 more words


Thinking with the Fingers

It is misleading then to talk of thinking as of a ‘mental activity.’ We may say that thinking is essentially the activity of operating with signs.

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Wile E. Coyote & the Pursuance of Scientific Progression

Carnivorous Vulgaris[i]Omnis Determinatio est Negatio

1— the Coyote

            In 1949 the LooneyTunes animation studio released the first episode of a long series that is casually referred to as, … 3,027 more words



i don’t even know myself
is what i do right or wrong?
so how can I judge you?
if i could they’d make a religion of me


A Foundational Definition of Philosophy

Philosophy is a famously murky discipline. In fact, philosophers have no common answer to the foundational question, “What is philosophy?” A similar issue arises when trying to define the various branches of philosophy (metaphysics, ethics, political philosophy, etc.). 404 more words