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Are We Any Closer to a Prejudice-Free World?

There were a number of converging factors that provoked me to write about this question. Being an avid reader of other’s opinions, sometimes I am prone to feel more optimism or more pessimism where the notion of “equality” is concern. 1,428 more words


The Earth: From Myths to Knowledge

by Hubert Krivine

Synopsis: How mankind discovered the size, trajectory and age of the Earth.

Our planet’s elliptical orbit around the Sun and its billions-of-years existence are facts we take for granted, matters every literate high school student is expected to grasp. 265 more words


Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz: Making the best of all world's possible

This is the best of all possible worlds. Substances do not interact. Choices are determined but free. How could any serious philosopher have made such absurd and patently false claims? 1,860 more words


The Problems of Social Knowledge

Thesis: Most people have little appreciation for the difficulty of good social science (in the general sense of rigorously testing propositions about the group behaviour of people), i.e. 1,002 more words


Sources of error: the illusory illusions of reductionism

While my discussions elsewhere are settling down, it’s time to finally tackle one basic issue that underlies all reductionist endeavours, I need to write this down also to justify much of my claims on matters of brains and minds. 2,532 more words


On ontological assumptions, epistemological beliefs, and methodological challenges

For the last couple of weeks, I have been busy fine-tuning the theoretical framework underpinning my study and, specifically, trying to delineate its social ontology. By now, I have come to firmly reject ontological models of the world which reduce social reality to just one dimension of the individual versus social dichotomy (i.e. 901 more words

Consumer Research

Knowing Part 2

To know what’s true is to possess the pow’r
to rule the world. And through science we can
unlock those truths and gain knowledge for man… 101 more words