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Science or scientism?


If scientists knew everything about our genes, our neurophysiology, about the environment in which we develop, would they then be able to give a completely scientific explanation of our aesthetic preferences? 1,275 more words


Another Way to Stop Believing

The argument from diversity of religious belief goes something like this: there is great diversity in religious belief around the world, and although religious believers all say their beliefs are grounded in the same ways (faith, religious experience, divine revelation), what really seems to explain this diversity is a number of arbitrary factors such as when, where, and to whom, the believer is born. 148 more words


Left Brain/Right Brain, Life, and Spiritual Knowledge

Towards the end of the last blog’s quote of N.T. Wright, Wright says “We cannot use a supposedly objective historical epistemology as the ultimate ground for the truth of Easter… 655 more words

Christian Theology

Soft Control - Protocol for Interdisciplinary Research

Last week, invited by HANGAR,  I worked intensively together with some other colleagues in a Booksprint related to the Soft Control European Project. This has been done with all participants living and working together all day during three days in a truly beautiful place called Mas Caputxes, a great place to be (you can look at the picture).   213 more words


Encountering Secular Humanist Proselytizers

Dear children,

I once took nearly a half of a year in meeting with Jehovah’s Witnesses; almost every Saturday.  I was clear about their intentions.  They were attempting to get me to abandon my faith in Jesus Christ as I had known Him and to adopt their faith.   1,443 more words


Thrice Throned

I dropped into my body,

Obtained new eyesight, experienced new vision unsheathed.

With nerves subtle, all perceived a grand castle bright,

Shrouded in corporeal cloudform celestial, 74 more words