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The Truth of Truth

Published December 1, 1998

In his previous encyclicals, the Holy Father has shown how truth has a moral beauty that shines through the lives of the saints. 747 more words


xkcd: Squirrel Plan

I have to say that this is along the lines of what I think about when people confidently assert the existence of the multiverse, their favorite interpretation of quantum physics, or any other metaphysical assertion.

via xkcd: Squirrel Plan.


Atheism seems like the most reasonable option when religion forgoes logic

If it wasn’t inherently obvious, I am an atheist, and not a closer-to-agnosticism atheist, but what people call a “New Atheist” because I think that religion (systems based in… 478 more words

Christians Being Awful

"Honest and True"

This was the last Guidance Class I gave for my Grade five pupils for this school year. It so happened that the emerging problem they are encountering that time is about telling the truth to each other, may it be with friends, classmates or with their parents and teachers. 1,271 more words


A Rough Examination of Pragmatic Belief

Lately I’ve been thinking about epistemology (the study of knowledge); and more specifically, how we build on presuppositions in order to form our beliefs. I came up with a basic list of what I call ‘pragmatic beliefs'; those presuppositions necessary for a person to live with any form of sanity. 1,776 more words


Test automation - five questions leading to five heuristics

In 1984 Abelson and Sussman said in the Preface to ‘Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs‘:

Our design of this introductory computer-science subject reflects two major concerns.

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